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Vital Questions

Structure your Coaching with the Vital Questions Framework

The Vital Questions Framework is a simple, clear but extremely powerful means of structuring coaching sessions. It consists of a two by two matrix which looks at the task and the people aspects of any situation and then further divides the areas into those that are external to the person and those that are internal.

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coaching for individuals

Coaching for individuals

To start, Coaching for individuals covers an infinite range of issues, especially as each person is unique in his or her being, experiences and projects.

Recurring themes in coaching requests from individuals: a better work-life balance, developing self-confidence or self-esteem, defining a new life project, resolving a relationship conflict, managing stress better, developing your interpersonal and communication skills, rediscovering motivation.

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tomato, personal brand

Why you should think of your personal brand as an Italian tomato

When we are surrounded by different cultures and experiences, we can gain valuable insights and perspective on our own lives. On a recent trip to the Amalfi coast in Italy, I was struck by the variety and quality of the produce available, especially the tomatoes. This made me think about personal branding and how we can learn from the humble Italian tomato.

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teenagers' parents

Can parents and teenagers avoid communication issue ?

As a coach, you may be confronted with this issue. Your coachees may also be parents who are tired, worried and often powerless to cope with their teenagers’ unhappiness or explosive reactions. It’s your job to encourage them to explore the feelings they are experiencing: the loss of their young child (whom they understood so well), sadness at feeling rejected, anger at no longer being respected, feelings of uselessness or powerlessness, fear of the future…

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The real cause of your procrastination in marketing

Are you an adept of procrastination ? Are you procrastinating on the activities you need to do to bring clients? 
Does procrastination lead to experiencing shame, guilt, and disappointment as a result?

If this is a familiar scenario, you probably regularly beat yourself up for your laziness or lack of willpower and blame yourself for not trying hard enough

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