5 creative ideas for team coaching

5 creative ideas for team coaching


5 creative ideas for you to use when you are coaching a team or for any team building activities. All images are professionally drawn and saved in two different formats so you can choose how you would like to use them. 


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Description :

5 creative ideas for team coaching


Neuroscience has validated the concept that pictures are six times more memorable than the spoken word and by working in a creative way we can increase engagement by around 30%.


So this type of creative team coaching will enable you to develop a visual language with your clients and offer them a real alternative to simply talking and listening. All images in this exclusive kit have been professionally drawn by a graphic designer and will help you access the creative side of the brain in your coaching sessions. This will open up the ability for your clients to quickly remember what you covered and understand what they should take away from the session, work easily as a group and overcome any initial fears they may have.



We have saved all 5 creative ideas for team coaching in two different formats. You can either print a PDF version of an image as a single A0 size worksheet at your local copy shop, or print the individual Word files at home. The Word files are saved as separate A4 pages that come together on the wall to create a single large A0 full-size worksheet.



Image content list:

  • The forest – Each person in the group selects a tree and uses the metaphor to describe who they are and then what they need to do to fit together as one beautiful forest
  • The magic cauldron – Working together as a group, ask everybody to discuss the things they think they need to create their magic potion for the perfect working relationship
  • The multicolored flower – Ask each person to express their personality as a color and see if the group is a flower of many different colors or just a few similar colors
  • Passing clouds – Discuss the journey the group feel they are on (or about to go on) and where each person sees themselves within these clouds as they travel across the sky 
  • The couple and a donkey in a meadow – Ask the group to select a range of situations they have been in and use the different roles within the image to discuss skills within the group and how they can best work together




Please note: This kit is saved as a zip file and includes all 5 creative ideas for team coaching. Each image is saved as a PDF file and as a Word document so you can choose how you would like to print the images for your coaching session. We have also included our terms and conditions cover sheet:
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