1 day to discover your 3-Brain Intelligence©

1 day to discover your 3-Brain Intelligence©


2 half days of virtual classroom training to understand and learn the fundamentals of 3-brain intelligence.

ICF CCE Training, accredited for 10 CCEUs (Core Competencies 7 hours Resource Development 3 hours)
Half-day format
Total price of the course: £750 instead of £862.50 25% paid to Outils du coach when you order: £187.50 incl. VAT

75% paid to the training organisation when you register (VAT exempt): £562.50 excl.

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Description :

1 day to discover your 3-Brain Intelligence©

The fundamentals of 3-Brain Intelligence© training

  • 3 Brain Intelligence©ICF CCE Training, accredited for 10 CCEUs (Core Competencies 7 hours Resource Development 3 hours)
  • Hypnotherapy associations around the world recognise this training for its development points.

Use your 3-Brain Intelligence©in your coaching

For coaches, and for everyone else, it is essential to know and be able to read others and to make contact with them, to communicate with them and to influence them in a motivating way. The starting point for coaches is to use an approach that enables them to work with their clients to get to know themselves and others better. An introduction to the 3-Brain Intelligence©
Model offers an easy-to-use methodology, based on our evolutionary biology, that will improve your relationship with yourself and others.
  • You can use this powerful model in your individual and group coaching.
  • You can work on yourself and with your clients on your/their ability to communicate and listen from 3 brains, resulting in:
  • A better and more natural connection to others to cultivate trust and security and more easily show support, empathy and interest in others.
  • A stronger team spirit.


Who should attend?

Coaches, consultants, managers, employees, individuals: anyone who wants to improve their self-awareness and their relationships with others.

Objectives of the “Fundamentals of 3-Brain Intelligence©” training course:

Understand and use your 3 brains to connect, communicate and guide your clients in a motivating and effective way.

What will you learn/experience with the 3-Brain Intelligence©” training?

  1. Understand why our three brains – the head, the heart and the intestine – behave as they do thanks to millennia of evolution.
  2. Discover the limits of changing behaviour through simple repetition and delve into the nuances of learning through the law of association.
  3. Discover the strengths and pitfalls of these three brains and how they influence our interactions with others.
  4. Identify your basic preference among the 3 brains
  5. Understand how their respective responsibilities influence your decisions.
  6. Discover how the 3 brains store memories and emotions such as stress, fear, anger, grief, sadness and frustration.
  7. Master the art of using the language of the 3 brains to forge stronger links with those around you.
  8. Learn to decode conversation and understand how others logically and emotionally relate to their subjects.
  9. Identify a person’s most dominant brain based on their expressions and interactions and know how to respond appropriately.
  10. Testing numerous exercises allow you to experience an approach and techniques to master them better.

🌱 How will you benefit from this 3-Brain intelligence training?

  • By enriching your impact: Merge your coaching approach with the revolutionary revelations of neuroscience and master the art of establishing deep connections.
  • By acquiring highly effective coaching techniques: learn to naturally integrate the knowledge and language of 3-Brain Preference Assessment into your practice, creating deeply resonant sessions that apply to coaching, leadership, management, therapy and personal circumstances.
  • Creating client satisfaction: They’ll get the lasting change they want.
  • By experiencing the 3 brains process yourself, reflecting on your strengths and areas for development.

🎯 What are the benefits of the 3-Brain Intelligence© for your customers?

  • Unlocking inner wisdom: Allow your clients to access the wisdom inherent in their 3 brains. Guide them towards self-discovery, unleashing their full potential.
  • Streamlining decision-making: Resolve the internal conflicts between head, heart and gut that get in the way of decision-making. Help your clients achieve clarity and make informed choices with confidence.
  • Unlocking potential: Enable your customers to realise their full potential.
  • Guide them in making choices that promote well-being and fulfilment, creating a fulfilling life they love.
Requirements: none.

3-Brain Intelligence©Training programme 

You will receive valuable information and tools that you can apply to your coaching, leadership, management, therapy and even for yourself.

Session 1: Awakening the inner triad

  • Dive into the fascinating science of the 3 brains: the head, the heart and the gut.
  • Discover the distinct goals, powers and decision-making hierarchies of our three brains, laying the foundations for successful coaching.
  • Discover the preferences and dominance of your 3 brains.
  • Learn how to connect with yourself authentically and guide your clients or employees in establishing this essential connection with their triple brain system.

Session 2: Connecting and stimulating growth

  • Learn to identify which of the three brains is anchoring your clients or employees in their comfort zone, preventing them from embracing change.
  • Exploit the unique language of each brain to communicate with greater clarity.
  • How do we naturally connect with each other?
  • Learn to be in the state of the 3 brains (Curiosity, Compassion and Trust) to create a nurturing environment of trust and presence, encouraging organic learning and growth.
  • Master the communication techniques of 3-Brain coaching, acting as a beacon for your clients on their journey from learning to sustainable transformation.
  • Move from knowledge to action, consolidating your new expertise through practical application.
You will receive invaluable information and tools that you can apply to your coaching, leadership, management, therapy and even personal situations.
*This 3-brain theory is based on the book “Relationships ? Which Brain is Talking” and “How Men and Women Fit, Finally Understand Your Partner with the 3 Brains Theory” by Christoffel Sneijders.

Registration procedures and deadlines

Registration is open until 2 weeks before the session, subject to availability.
1st Half 2024 – 3 Brains Intelligence Fundamentals – 1 day training – ICF CCE formation – 10 CCEUs
févr.-24 Training 1 Session 1 &2 Christoffel Sneijders 3pm to 7pm CET Feb 22 & 23 2024
mars-24 Training 2 Session 1 &2 Christoffel Sneijders 9am to 1pm CET March 7 & 8 2024
avr.-24 Training 3 Session 1 &2 Christoffel Sneijders 3pm to 7pm CET May 2 & 3 2024
mai-24 Training 4 Session 1 &2 Christoffel Sneijders 9am to 1pm CET May 16 & 17 2024

Accreditation of the 3 Brain-Intelligence© Fundamentals course:

  • ICF CCE training, accredited for 10 CCEUs
  • Hypnotherapy associations around the world recognise this training for its development points.
In addition to this unique day to deepen your knowledge of 3-brain intelligence, you will receive… :
  • The unique 45-page 3 Brains Intelligence Manual
  • Analysis of your 3 Brains preference
  • 3 Brains Intelligence Certificate
  • A membership of the closed LinkedIn group 3 Brains Coach

Total cost of the course: £750

1- You pay 25% of your course, i.e. £187.50, by credit card to My Coaching Toolkit. In return, you will receive a documentation with :

  • A reminder of the objectives and programme, and the trainer’s contact details.
  • The registration form must be completed and returned to the training organisation.

2- You pay the remaining 75%, i.e. £562.50, and attach proof of bank transfer to the enrolment form to validate your enrolment. If necessary, ask the training organisation for a training contract.

If you want to go further: Take advantage of our 8 half-day CERTIFIED training course: 3 Brains Coach – Head, Heart and Gut Certification program© – ICF CCE training, accredited for 40 CCEUs (Core Competencies 28 hours Resource Development 12 hours)
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