Why is it important for you as a coach to constantly upskill yourself?

1. Staying up to date: New techniques, approaches and insights are constantly being developed. This keeps you abreast of the latest developments and allows you to integrate them into your practice.
2. Improving skills: we offer you the opportunity to improve skills such as: coaching techniques, communication skills, team building skills and more
3. Personal development: We also offer personal development for the coach: discovering new interests, broadening perspective and strengthening self-confidence.
4. Staying compliant with standards and regulations: In some cases, continuing education or training may be necessary to meet certain certification requirements, standards or regulations relevant to your work of a coach.
5. Networking opportunities: Training often brings coaches together and provides opportunities for networking and sharing experiences. It can be valuable for gaining support, exchanging ideas and exploring collaboration opportunities.

In short, continuous learning is crucial for you to stay effective, improve your skills and coach your clients in the best possible way. Below you will find various training courses. We will add more and more over time.

Our training courses are offered in two formats: via Video conference or as e-learning on a dedicated LMS platform so that you can learn using video programmes and interactive teaching methods. Some courses are eligible for ICF CCE’s

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