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The real cause of your procrastination in marketing

Is procrastination slowing down activities where you need to do to bring clients ? And then feeling shame, guilt and disappointment because of it?
If this is a familiar scenario, you probably regularly beat yourself up for your lasiness or lack of willpower and blame yourself for not trying hard enough.
You may have also noticed that making yourself feel bad only provides short-term motivation to act and you end up back at square one after a few days of frantic activity. This is a road to nowhere as you are not addressing the actual root cause of your procrastination.
In reality, your inability to ‘make yourself’ do marketing / lead generation activities consistently (or at all) has nothing to do with your ‘character flaws’.

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A Journey Through the Lens of the 3 Brains

A Journey Through the Lens of the 3 Brains: Insights from a Transformative Experience

Christoffel Sneijders’s recent exploration into the concept of the 3 brains – the intellectual head, the empathetic heart, and the instinctual gut – has been nothing short of transformative. This journey, rooted in the fascinating interplay between these three aspects of our psyche, opened his eyes to a new realm of understanding human behavior and communication.

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Strengthen team spirit

How can you help strengthen team spirit?

At a time when employee commitment is waning due to remote working, enabling teams to work on a common project is a good way of strengthening team spirit. It is by being united around the same objective that a team can continue to be cohesive and motivated.

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Isn’t Gratitude a good topic to start the new Year?

Introducing Gratitude in the workplace means making a commitment to an environment where every employee feels valued for who they are and not just for what they do. Values as human qualities are put forward and not just values directly linked to the performance of tasks.

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annual review

Why is an annual review important?

To know where you’re going, it’s important to know where you have come from. This is why an annual review is so important. Formal or informal, exhaustive, or not, the aim is for it to be relevant and, above all, useful to you. It will help you prepare for the coming year.

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my coaching dashboard

My coaching dashboard

Fantastic, simple and practical tool to use to fully monitor your coaching sessions and also in discussions with supervisors. Read more

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How to Successfully Coach Emotions ?

As a coach, we can help our clients to manage their emotions more effectively, so that they can achieve their goals, feel more focused and aligned in their daily lives. Let’s look at six tips for coaching emotions.

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Team spirit

4 rules to promote Team cohesion

4 Tips to promote team cohesion : 1- Creating a shared story 2- Defining the vision 3- Facilitating interaction and developing shared values 4- A leader who sets an example

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MyCoachingToolkit - Academic Coaching - Wide

Academic Coaching

Academic Coaching is used to help students and learners of any age to identify and understand their individual learning style and agree a study track or life path

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MyCoachingToolkit - Are workplace emotions still taboo - Wide

Are workplace emotions still taboo

We look at workplace emotions and ask if they are still taboo when we are seeing some managers being encouraged to express their emotions rather than suppress them.

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MyCoachingToolkit - Coaching Logbook - Wide Blog

Using a coaching logbook

This blog looks using a coaching logbook to encourage autonomy and hopefully eliminate the need for ongoing assistance to achieve success.

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MyCoachingToolkit - Natural Talents - Blog image

Coaching Natural Talents

As the world constantly changes, it helps to be aware of any natural talents so we can develop it into strengths we use to succeed in life.

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MyCoachingToolkit - Neuro Linguistic Programming - Blog

Neuro Linguistic Programming

This blog gives an introduction to Neuro Linguistic Programming and how we move from Unconscious Incompetence to Unconscious Competence

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MyCoachingToolkit - Coaching a Team - Working Together - Blog image

Coaching a team

We look at coaching a team and your role supporting them to develop skills for working together to achieve personal and collective goals.

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