Add creativity into coaching

Add creativity into coaching


Add creativity into coaching and help unlock potential by trying a different approach in your sessions. Explore your own creativity and unlock the inner child by taking a detour through creativity and see what happens.

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Add creativity into coaching


Help explore your own creativity and try a range of tools and techniques in your coaching sessions to unlock the inner child with this 11 page e-book.


With your support, you can add creativity into coaching and help your clients take a detour through creativity and see what happens.


This e-book has been specifically developed to gather together the essential information needed for coaching creativity. It includes quotes on creativity and a range of tools and techniques you can use when coaching others or for your own personal development. 


Introduction to creativity

Creativity is a phenomenon whereby something somehow new and somehow valuable is formed. The thing being created may be intangible like ideas, a scientific theory, a musical composition, or even a joke. They may also be physical objects like an invention, a printed literary work, or a painting.


The dictionary definition of creativity is:
“The use of imagination or original ideas to create something; inventiveness.”


But all of us, no matter what our line of business or where we live, will at some point be required to adapt and adjust to new situations. So as a coach, cultivating your own creativity means giving yourself the opportunity to always stay curious and alert. So, when a strange idea springs to mind or something unusual happens, try giving the door a gentle nudge to open it a little more, instead of letting it slam shut.


There may be situations where you as a coach feel a particular coaching tool or technique would work well, however it is always important to note that not every client will be willing to try something different. It is always helpful to ask for the client’s permission to introduce something new and give them a choice. That way, the client remains in control and is able to decide what would work best for them. Remember, being creative does not come easily to everybody.





Full content list:


A creative approach
Introduction to creativity


The desire to be creative
Growing and developing
Creativity and artistic endeavor
Life gardening


Taking care of your creativity
A real asset in times of change
Be brave, be creative
Confronting my shadow


Tools to develop creativity
The success mantra
Image library
Inner child
The tree of life



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