Anatomy of a Personal Brand

Anatomy of a Personal Brand


The Anatomy of a Personal Brand is an on-line, on-demand programme of video tutorials and workbooks designed to help you learn and implement a process to achieve this for yourself.

Total price of this training : US$150 

25% payable to My coaching Toolkit upon order: US$37.50 (€34.91) excluding VAT

75% payable to training organisation upon registration (VAT exempt): $112,50

Description :

Anatomy of a Personal Brand

Anatomy of Personal Brand is the unique combination of skills, experiences, and personality that an individual showcases to the world.


It represents how an individual presents themselves and how they are perceived by others. Establishing a Personal Brand involves defining and communicating what sets a person apart and what they want to be known for. It encompasses a person’s professional reputation, online presence, and overall image. A strong personal brand communicates authenticity, expertise, and unique value.


The Anatomy of a Personal Brand is an on-line, on-demand programme of video tutorials and workbooks designed to help you learn and implement a process to achieve this for yourself.


Who should do this programme:

Professionals …

… who are at the core of their businesses and need help in strengthening their personal brand in order to drive their commercial brand

Coaches and mentors …

… who are looking for a framework to help their coaches and mentees gain clarity on direction, differentiation and self-worth.

Individuals …

… looking to increase their understanding of the authentic, intrinsic assets that they own and how to package these to help them communicate their purpose.


What you will get from the course.


A practical, guided process to help you use established principles of conventional brand building to build your Personal Brand for personal or commercial success.

  • Uses best principles of conventional brand building.
  • More than simply how you show up in terms of visual imagery.
  • Begins with identifying the assets that you own that will most appeal to the people that you aim to influence.
  • Finding your authentic brilliance, selecting the most meaningful aspects and then packaging these into a brand message.
  • The crafting of your Personal Brand helps you identify your “position on the shelf of life”.
  • A means of communicating your purpose, what you stand for and what you can do for others.
Why you need a Personal Brand
  • As life evolves you may find that you no longer feel the ideal fit between you and your environment.
  • The anatomy of a personal brand process helps you revisit your core values and offerings and enables you to refine and repackage these to give you direction and reposition you.
  • Overall, this is an added dimension to who you are; it helps you communicate an added value to what people see.
  • In the same way that the visual presentation and the “language” that your preferred brands use to attract you, your PB helps you do the same.


What the course includes:

5 introductory videos

available for preview. Provides background and understanding (total 30 mins.)

5 workbooks

Easy to follow guides to help you journal your experience. 

5 Supporting video tutorials
  1. Preparing for the journey (1 video 7 min.)
  2. The brand audit ( 4 supporting video tutorials total 20 min.)
  3. Your brand universe ( 3 supporting video tutorials total 22 min.)
  4. The blending process ( 3 supporting video tutorials total 30 min.)
  5. Package and promote your personal brand ( 2 supporting video tutorials total 7 min.)


What you will have by the end of this course:

  • Clarity of vision, values and identity.
  • A documented brand strategy supporting your renewed personal goals and intended self-promotion.
  • The ability to communicate this succinctly in 30 – 60 seconds.

About the Author

Dawn Klatzko is a Business & Executive Coach, Author, Professional speaker and Master Trainer and Global Programme Director for the Mind Dynamix Brain Profiling Instrument. She identifies as The Brand Builder Coach:

Dawn brings a wealth of business knowledge and Brand Building experience to the table having enjoyed a highly successful career in the advertising world. She built up her own ad agency and film production company that was successfully sold after 20 years.  

Her first Anatomy client was herself to help her transition from a highly successful advertising career to one of a Business and Executive coach, mentor and speaker.  She is the author of The Art of the Suit a practical handbook for entrepreneurs.

 Her loves include her dogs, travel, her hobby job as a spin instructor and a good laugh. But she is most passionate about the-business-of-business and helping people unpack their authentic, individuality for personal success.


The cost

Get all of the above for a once off fee of US$ 150 (£120).

You pay 25% of your course, i.e. US$37.50 (£30), by credit card to . You will receive documentation with :

  • A reminder of the objectives and program, and the trainer’s contact information.
  • A link to pay the remaining 75%, i.e. US$ 112.50 (£90) and begin the course

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