I develop my coaching business


I develop my coaching business

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A crucial pack at unbeatable value

Are you a coach looking to develop your business ?

The “I develop my coaching business” pack includes : 

  • The Kit : 7 brochures to sell your coaching services
  • The Kit : Coaching logbooks for your clients
  • The Kit : Over 70 illustrations by Na
  • The E-book : Review of the year

Description :

I develop my coaching business

Expanding your coaching business may require additional support. Beyond conducting coaching sessions, you must attract new clients, refine your skills, and manage various aspects of your business. Perhaps you haven’t had the chance to create professional coaching brochures or find time to produce appealing documents. Moreover, tracking your business performance, maintaining existing client relationships, and acquiring new customers can be challenging tasks.

To streamline your focus on your core business, explore this package: It encompasses all these essential elements, allowing you to efficiently manage your coaching practice.

The “I develop my coaching Business” pack includes 3 Kit and 1 E-book.


  1. KIT – 7 brochures to sell your coaching services

Your must-have brochures to present and sell your coaching services

In this kit, you’ll find 7 exclusive professional coaching brochures in PowerPoint format that are essential to sell your coaching services.

When you start your business, you don’t always know how to present your activity and you haven’t always had the opportunity to see professional coaching brochures.
What’s more, if you’re already coaching, and you’ve got prospecting to do on top of that, where are you going to find the time to produce attractive documents?  In addition to being an expert in behaviour, it’s hard to become a designer.

The brochures are laid out with the texts corresponding to each target. Space is also provided for your own photos or illustrations. There’s just one thing left to do: customise it with your own colours and logo. 

Each theme addresses the coaching issues facing companies:

  • Individual coaching¹* – 10 pages
  • Executive coaching – 12 pages
  • Team cohesion and coaching – 12 pages
  • Organisation coaching – 10 pages
  • Career coaching²* – 13 pages
  • Coaching seniors – 13 pages
  • Coaching on the Telephone or virtual – 9 pages

    – Check the product sheet for a full summary and more details.


  1. KIT – Coaching logbooks for your clients

These coaching logbooks will guide your clients through the coaching process and help to prompt discussions. This supports their self-development and an introspective review that helps them drive personal change. This kit is just one of our exclusive resources designed to help you when coaching, so you can grow your coaching business, develop your skills and succeed as a professional coach.

 The kit has two coaching logbooks your clients fill in as they work through the coaching process:

Executive Coaching logbook – Aimed at business leaders or any clients wanting to review their leadership skills and develop the positive impact they can have on the people they work with.

General Coaching Logbook – Aimed at all types of coaching and used by any clients who would like to track their progress as they review their life goals and the positive impact they could have on friends or family. 

Please note: The coaching logbooks have been created in PowerPoint and only require a small amount of contact information to be added before you can use them. However, if you prefer, they can be fully adapted or personalized to incorporate a logo or branding, and any specific colors you like to use. 

– Check the product sheet for a full summary and more details.


  1. KIT – Over 70 illustrations by Na

This kit contains illustrations by  Na! the professional designer, for you to use in your presentations and coaching sessions. 

These illustrations can be added into your presentations or papers, so you enhance your coaching sessions. They are all grouped into different themes to help you find exactly what you need, so you can enhance your message.

Na! has been a professional illustrator since 1992, but really enjoyed drawing from a young age and now helps many companies tell their story through the use of illustrations.

We have teamed up to bring you this kit that contains over 70 Illustrations by Na. The illustrations are all professionally drawn, so all you need to do is copy any image you want to use and paste it into your presentation. You may need to adjust the size of the image to best fit the space you have available, but it is as simple as select, cut and paste.

– Check the product sheet for more details.


  1. Ebook – Review of the year

Learn how to guide your clients through a full review of the year to identify any achievements or missed opportunities with this 21 page e-book. We also provide a step by step guide to start the essential forward planning and goal setting for the year ahead.

 Help unlock the potential within your clients and fully support them to broaden their scope of possibilities and really succeed in life.

 This new review of the year e-book takes your client through a clear step by step process to help them look back so they can plan forward. 

 A good coach can help people spot an opportunity, set goals and see things through. So they can broaden their scope of possibilities and develop new potential. It’s important for the individual to understand how they feel now and how they want to feel (or think they will feel). As a result of any change they are now ready to make.

 Summary :

Introduction to review of the year
Reflect back to plan forward
Some of the key questions to ask

  1. Reviewing my achievements
  2. Reviewing any missed opportunities
  3. Planning ahead
  4. Your action plan

Please note: This is a complete kit saved as a zip file and includes the 2 PowerPoint presentations and terms and conditions sheet in PDF:
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Mac users: Download the latest version of Unarchiver from the App store

– Check the product sheet for a full summary and more details.


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