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MyCoachingToolkit - How to be an amazing coach - Wide

How to be an amazing coach

In this blog we look at how to be an amazing coach and share some of our top tips so you can really succeed in this highly competitive market.

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MyCoachingToolkit - Focus on limiting beliefs - Wide

Focus on limiting beliefs

Learn how to work with your clients so they can focus on limiting beliefs, as it helps them build respect for themselves and provides motivation to go on and make lasting changes or learn new life skills.

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MyCoachingToolkit - Fighting fatigue - Wide

Fighting fatigue

This blog looks at helping clients who are fighting fatigue or learning how to adapt to any changes taking place around them so they succeed in life.

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MyCoachingToolkit - Developing your questioning skills - Blog wide

Developing your questioning skills

Developing your questioning skills is key to growing your coaching business and promoting your role in helping to find solutions that capitalize on the resources your clients already have available.

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MyCoachingToolkit - We are our values - Blog wide

We are our values

We are our values, so if we can learn how to help our clients understand their values, they can identify the part that they call ‘me’.

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MyCoachingToolkit - Getting to the detail - Blog wide

Getting to the detail

Getting to the detail within your coaching sessions can help your clients find a new approach to what holds them back from achieving success.

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MyCoachingToolkit - Living by the old rules - Blog wide

Living by the old rules

We look at living by the old rules of a stable, orderly, steady-state model, and move to an unstable, disorderly change driven society.

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MyCoachingToolkit - Finding the perfect partner - Blog wide

Finding the perfect partner

Finding the perfect partner based on a long list of ‘must-have items’ written a long time ago may not be the best approach to take.

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