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MyCoachingToolkit - Meeting your shadow - Blog Wide

Meeting your shadow

Taking a small detour through our own creativity could sometimes help us meet our shadow and uncover something new that has been hidden away

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MyCoachingToolkit - Feeling overwhelmed - Wide

Feeling overwhelmed?

Some clients may be feeling overwhelmed as covid restrictions suddenly come to an end and everything slowly starts to return to normal.

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MyCoachingToolkit - Keep the mind active - Wide

Keep the mind active

This blog looks at keeping the mind active and incorporating play into your coaching sessions with our range of virtual and printed card games.

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MyCoachingToolkit - Convert new leads into clients - Wide

Convert new leads into clients

The start of a new year is a great time to convert new leads into clients and grow your coaching business so you can grow and survive this difficult economic market.

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MyCoachingToolkit - Developing your questioning skills - Blog wide

Developing your questioning skills

Developing your questioning skills is key to growing your coaching business and promoting your role in helping to find solutions that capitalize on the resources your clients already have available.

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MyCoachingToolkit - Think Positive - Blog

Time to think positive

It’s now 2021 and time to think positive, so check if you naturally have a mindset of abundance, because we know it can only be beneficial.

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