Coaching Beliefs

Coaching Beliefs


Help your clients identify or review their personal beliefs, and focus on any negative beliefs to change the life scripts holding your clients back with this clear introduction to beliefs. It also includes a simple step by step process to use in your coaching sessions.

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Coaching Beliefs


Learn how to change the life scripts that could be holding you or your clients back, with this 19 page e-book specifically designed to gather together the essential tools needed for coaching beliefs.


Negative beliefs limit our development and hold us back, so we must focus on making them positive if we want to fully succeed in life.


This new Coaching Beliefs e-book can be used when coaching others or for your own personal development and has three main sections. It gives a clear introduction to beliefs, then provides a simple step by step process to identify or review personal beliefs and the final section helps you focus in on any negative beliefs to show you how to change the life scripts that could be holding you or your clients back. 


What is a belief?

A belief is the mental process that a person who adheres to a theory or hypothesis goes through, whereby they consider something to be true, regardless of the facts (or the absence of facts) to confirm or refute that theory or hypothesis. As such, our beliefs are often a series of unproven certainties.

Because of beliefs, we will eschew skepticism and counter it with instrumentalism, the theory that scientific models are not suitable methods for understanding phenomena.


A sceptic – thinks that a belief they do no share is a false belief
A radical sceptic – considers any belief (or rather any truth), to be false until proved otherwise


Metonymically, the term belief also designates what we believe, in other words the object of a belief. The philosophical concept of belief is part of the theory of knowledge. Beliefs, be they religious, scientific, superstitious or otherwise, are also one of the subjects of cultural anthropology.

A belief system is a profound constituent of human nature that is highlighted by positive psychology and can be the basis for decision-making. Everybody has a belief system that is hard wired into the structure of their personality.




Full content list:


Where do beliefs come from?
What is a belief?
Life scripts
Consequences of a belief
Is your inner voice a saboteur?
Establishing our life scripts
The failure scripts
How to break out of a negative script
The brain is truly limitless


Identifying my beliefs
What do the people around you believe?
What do you believe?
Do you have any bad habits?
What do you want to achieve?


Changing my beliefs
In depth work on one belief
How to use repetition to anchor a positive belief
What will you now be able to do, thanks to the new belief?
Time to take positive action



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