The Coaching Manual

The Coaching Manual


With 185 questions, fables, worksheets and tools, this comprehensive coaching manual will help you run successful coaching sessions. We have also included an introduction to Neuro Linguistic Programming and Transactional Analysis.

Description :

The Coaching Manual


The coaching manual is a 31 page ebook, specifically designed to provide you with a comprehensive coaching manual and the essential questions, worksheets and tools needed to deliver successful coaching sessions.


The tools within the coaching manual can be used by experienced coaches or anybody running their first coaching session. It has the 15 key questions we feel you need to initially ask, plus 170 follow up questions so you can get to the detail.


We believe coaching is a results-oriented, bespoke approach designed to make individuals, teams and organizations more effective. In our experience it not only increases individual and collective effectiveness, but also encourages people to develop new skills and abilities.


If used correctly, coaching can help people broaden their scope of possibilities and develop new potential, so no matter what approach and methodology you choose, coaching is fundamentally based on a holistic vision that takes into account the interests and challenges of the individual.


As a coach you will need to quickly focus in on key information relevant to the issue at hand, so this fresh insight can unleash the creativity needed to search for the right answers and help the coachee gain a sense of distance and perspective. It can also help align their personal values to address any inappropriate behavior that could be at the heart of the problem.


In your role as coach, you will both protect and stimulate the coachee to:
Encourage – to get them out of their comfort zone and explore new behavior
Empower – to find their own solution
Stimulate – their personal and professional development



Full content list:


An introduction to coaching
Our vision
The fundamentals of coaching
The results


Running a coaching session
Your role
Understanding your approach
Step one – The initial 15 questions to ask
Step two – The 170 follow up questions to get to the detail


Coaching worksheets
My notes from the session
Notes from the session
Goals and commitments
Anti-Sabotage Kit


High performing coaching model
Achieving their full potential


The farmer and the chest of gold
Know your worth
The three gates of wisdom


Further reading

  • Included in this ebook – An introduction to Neuro Linguistic Programming
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