Coaching Parents and Guardians

Coaching Parents and Guardians


Coach parents and guardians to help them improve communication and understanding within the family home.

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Coaching Parents and Guardians


Learn how coaching can help parents and guardians understand the changing dynamics within the home and find solutions that support children and young people, with this 15 page e-book.


Improving communication within the home can bring lasting benefits and help everybody within the family understand any changing dynamics.


This e-book has been developed to gather together the essential tools needed for coaching Coaching Parents and Guardians. It includes different approaches and practical coaching exercises to understand and explore parental goals. 


Positive Parenting

Many parents and professionals working with children, look for theories, tools, techniques, insight and information that helps them support the development of children and young people. This support will hopefully enable the children to reach their full potential and learn how to establish long term relationships and build towards an independent future.


However, this style of parenting is a relatively recent approach and considers parents and guardians to be co-therapists in resolving any difficulties with their children or within the home. It offers them the possibility of becoming agents of change for them and the wider family. It also allows them to regain confidence in their parenting skills and abilities.


But children do not come with a step by step guide or manual, so the growth of parental coaching shows the importance parents are giving to better understanding how to build their families and support an education system that best suits their hopes and parenting goals.





Full content list:


Parental Coaching
Revise your vision
Coaching to help find a solution
Some questions parents often ask
Why help may be needed
The coaching process


Bowlby Attachment Theory
Defining attachment
The four phases of attachment
Attachment and behavioral disorders
The need for emotional security


Parental Guidance
Positive parenting
The Kazdin Method of parenting
The Incredible Years program


Example Coaching Tools
Weekly success planning
How to eat an elephant?
Understanding different viewpoints



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