Mind Dynamix® Profile Instrument Professional Accreditation

Mind Dynamix® Profile Instrument Professional Accreditation


MindDynamix focuses on neuroscience applied to coaching. You will learn to better understand the cognitive, emotional, and behavioural processes of your clients.
The certification enables you to tailor your coaching techniques according to the brain profiles of your clients. This allows you to offer more effective and personalised strategies.

The Mind Dynamix Instrument Accredited Practitioner program has been reviewed and is recognised by several coaching and Professional Medical bodies:

  • ICF CCE training, accredited for 20 CCEUs (10 hours Core Competency and 10 hours of Resource Development)</li>
  • COMENSA Coaches and Mentors of South Africa
  • HPCSA Health Professions Council of South Africa 30 CEUs.

The Mind Dynamix Profile instrument (MDPi) is a neuroscience founded, functional profiling instrument that has been delivering dynamic insights for over 15 years. 

Total cost of the course: US$ 1000 Against a current (2024) Public price of: US$ 1200,00.
My Coaching Toolkit offers a 16% discount on the course fee.
Important! This is a once off fee and not subject to annual renewal. 

Once qualified, you can purchase report profiles to conduct with your clients via your personal profile on the Mind Dynamix Portal. 

Price includes:

  • All training materials
  • 2 x Mind Dynamix Profiles (one for you and one for your first client) including a private, role-play preparation prior to your client debriefing, with your Master coach. Value US$250.
  • Coaching guides for you to use as an aide memoir.
  • Enrolment in our Community of Practice.

Description :

Mind Dynamix® Profile Instrument Professional Accreditation

The Mind Dynamix® Profile instrument is a scientifically formulated profiling instrument, based on the latest advances in neuroscience and the result of a lifetime’s work by Dr. Melodie de Jager, a globally recognised Developmental Specialist and the mind behind the Mind Dynamix brain profiling tool.

The program has been reviewed and is recognised by several coaching and Professional Medical bodies:

  • ICF CCE training, accredited for 20 CCEUs (10 hours Core Competency and 10 hours of Resource Development)
  • COMENSA Coaches and Mentors of South Africa
  • HPCSA Health Professions Council of South Africa 30 CEUs.

The Mind Dynamix Profile instrument (MDPi) report options, insights and training methodology are designed to enhance the professional coach’s ability to provide a level of insight that is unique and invaluable whether for individual or team purposes. As an innovative neuroscience-based instrument we strive to go beyond the expectations of conventional psychometric tools.


The Mind Dynamix® Profile offers a range of report options:


  • MDPi-Individual Profile
  • MDPi-I² Validation Profile (Assisted/ 360 repeat)
  • MDPi-P² Partnership Profile (In-depth report generated on any two Individual Profiles previously conducted)
  • MDPi-T Team Profile (Either anonymous or named for team workshop use)

Additionally, a MDPi report also provides expansive development solutions, optimising neuroplasticity through a programme of neurologically based, 5-minutes-a-day, movements called Mind Moves.


Take your coaching to Mastermind level with the Mind Dynamix® Profile Instrument Professional Accreditation.


Five good reasons to participate in the Mind Dynamix Profile Instrument Accreditation Programme:


  1. Enhance your knowledge of the complexity of the brain-body connection, as part of an integrated physiological and neural system, to build your professional reputation as well as to understand the science driving the Mind Dynamix
  2. Increase self-awareness through your own Mind Dynamix profile to ensure that you self-manage any of your own biases or modalities to optimise the coaching session in accordance with Best Practice coaching guidelines.
  3. Secure accredited training to access an innovative instrument that may be used to provide your client not only with a 3-dimensional understanding of their unique brain hard-wiring, but also how they take in information, process, and then are wired to express through action. Gain further insight into how this influences the three primary states of being in the form of three functional profiles illustrated by the Integrated Zone, Expert Zone and Stress Zone.  And finally, how stress impacts their profile.
  4. Benefit from the knowledge and training of how to introduce simple, low demand movements that target different parts of the brain and body to help your client access and activate neuroplasticity as the basis for self-development.
  5. Benefit from guidance on how to integrate this novel offering into your coaching practice and enhance your earning capacity.

Using this MDPi single, innovative profiling instrument you will


  • Gain higher self-awareness for you and your clients.
  • Identify preferred sensory modality and thinking styles.
  • Identify hard-wired, authentic, individual strengths and talents.
  • Gain clear indicators for potential areas for re-wiring and growth.
  • Better understand potential reaction to authority, leadership, discipline, and boundaries.
  • Reduce potential conflict management and improve social / intra / interpersonal skills.
  • Identify your clients’ stress profile and introduce stress performance management.
  • Consider career options and path guidance based on clients’ hard-wired, authentic, individual strengths and talents.
  • Provide insight to your clients’ potential Management style.
  • Aide recruitment and selection processes to enhance team performance.
  • Facilitate team awareness and capacity building.


The Mind Dynamix® Profile Instrument Accreditation Programme

  • The Mind Dynamix® Profile Instrument Accredited Practitioner programme training is completed via our training portal, through on- demand modules to suit your pace of learning and time availability.
  • Throughout the programme you have direct access to our Master Trainer, as your personal guide for assistance. This is either via WhatsApp or Zoom with guaranteed response within 24 hours.
  • Estimated completion time is possible anywhere between one week – three months, dictated by the time you have available.


Following the pre-course preparation there are 7 modules each with supporting tutorial videos, video transcript, self-reflection guide, the corresponding Module Manual, and a knowledge quiz.

Whilst students are comfortably able to complete the on-line, Master Trainer supported programme comfortably between 2 weeks – 2 months, students are required to complete the training within a 6-month period other than if specific arrangements have been agreed to with The Mind Dynamix Institute in writing. Failure to complete the training and Accreditation within this period will result in a forfeiture of the enrolment fee in total.


The following outline includes the viewing time of each video.


Step one: Pre-course preparation.

Video: Before you begin your studies (3:11)

You will have a one-on-one Zoom meeting with your Master Trainer who will also be responsible for conducting your personal Mind Dynamix®  profile and profile debrief.  This will not prove interesting, but it is essential that you have your own report to refer to throughout the training.


Module 1 Welcome & Introduction

Video: Welcome & Introduction (19:55)


Module 2: Early Infant Development

Tutorial: Early Infant Development (13:54)


Module 3: Neuroscience 101

Tutorial:  Neuroscience 101 (14:47)


Module 4: Understanding Dominance, Experts & Flow

1.Tutorial: Part 1 Understanding Dominance (23:22)

2.Tutorial: Part 2 Flow between the Experts (12:42)

3.Tutorial: Part 3 Free, Interrupted & Mixed Flow (12:26)

4.Tutorial: Part 4 Understanding Preferred Sensory Modality (9:27)


Module 5: Stress & the MDPI Stress Zone

Tutorial: Stress and the MDPI Stress Zone (8:30)


Module 6: Changing zones with Mind Moves

Tutorial: Changing zones with Mind Moves (13:53)


Module 7: Pulling it all together as a Professional Coach.

Video: Pulling it all together (55:57)


Supporting tutorials on debriefing the three Mind Dynamix Report options:

1.Video tutorial: Preparing a MDPi Individual Report (18:50)

2.Video tutorial: Preparing a MDPi P2 Partnership Report (11:16)    

3.Video tutorial: Preparing a MDPi T Teams Report (11:00)


The final stage:

The programme concludes with a Mind Dynamix (MDPi) Profile that you will conduct with one of your clients, for practical experience purposes and Accreditation requirements. A role-play preparation session, working off your client’s profile, with your Master Trainer is included as part of this.

The Mind Dynamix report is accessible by the public exclusively via MDPi Accredited Practitioners only.

The 2024 profile costs are:

  • MDPi-Individual Profile – $ 45 per profile
  • MDPi-I² Validation Profile (Assisted repeat) $15 per profile
  • MDPi-P² Partnership Profile (In-depth report generated on any two Individual Profiles previously conducted) $ 25 per profile.
  • MDPi-T Team Profile (Either anonymous or named for team workshop use) $ 10 per profile.


Over and above the benefits outlined you will also enjoy the following:

    • Membership of our Community of Professional Practitioners. Exchange ideas and participate in our regular Mind Dynamix Mastermind sessions where we provide supervision support as well as feature guest speakers.
    • Access to our Mind Dynamix LinkedIn Profile where you will be able to share articles and posts to your own client base to increase your profile.
    • Access to marketing materials to help you promote the Mind Dynamix Brain Profile offering. These materials are structured to enable you to co-brand with your own branding.
    • Being MindDynamix certified enhances your credibility as a professional coach. Clients and companies recognise the value of specialised training in neuroscience.

Find out more watch the video: https://www.yout-ube.com/watch?v=WGeOYZ3swV4


Take advantage of our greatly discounted Accreditation Programme offered by My Coaching Toolkit by enrolling now!


  • Payment of a 25% ($250 or £198) enrolment fee to secure your spot and to qualify for the Accreditation Programme. 

On receipt of your enrolment confirmation, you will be provided with your discount code to proceed to the final course payment and commencement of your MDPi Accredited Practitioner training.

In addition, you will receive a pack containing:

  • A reminder of the programme and its objectives
  • The process to follow 
  • The trainer’s contact details.
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