Train and Lead – 7 tools for team coaching

Train and Lead – 7 tools for team coaching


Run interactive team coaching sessions with these 11 full color worksheets. 

These full size worksheets are A0 size (118 x 84cm) and available in both Word and PDF format, so you can either print them off at home or at your local copy shop.

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Description :

Train and Lead – 7 tools for team coaching


Our kit contains 7 tools for team coaching. It has 11 full color, full size worksheets to help you run professional team coaching sessions.


These worksheets are presented in large A0 format to add a new interactive dimension to your team coaching sessions. Pick from the 7 different styles included in the kit, that have all been professionally drawn.


Please note: This tools for team coaching kit contains two different formats so you can either print the PDF files as a single A0 size worksheet at your local copy shop, or print the Word files at home. They are saved as separate A4 pages that go together on the wall to create a large A0 full size worksheet.



Full content list:

Brainstorm = 1 worksheet

  • Find creative solutions if you need a fresh approach

Dazibaos  = 5 worksheets

  • Use the Chinese ‘big character poster’ idea, so you can work through each of the five statements

Demonstration = 1 worksheet

  • Use nonverbal communication and actions to share information

How to eat an elephant = 1 worksheet

  • Show how the team can accomplish anything no matter how big, because they break things down into smaller pieces

Storytelling = 1 worksheet

  • Help identify the different viewpoints and personality types within the group

SWOT analysis = 1 worksheet

  • Use the SWOT process, so you can identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats

Temperature check = 1 worksheet

  • Check how people in the group are feeling at the start of a coaching session and adapt your session



Please note: This is a complete kit saved as a zip file and includes the 7 folders containing all the different worksheets to use in your team coaching sessions:
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