Virtual Game - Coaching Professional Development

Virtual Game - Coaching Professional Development


This virtual card game consists of 52 cards and provides you with a creative way to enhance your coaching and supervision skills. It includes 12 Illustrated Coaching Skill cards and 40 Question Cards divided into 4 themes.

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Virtual Game - Coaching Professional Development


Coaching professional development


Use this practical tool for coaching your own professional development and help develop successful coaching skills in a fun way. Then by asking the right questions, this game supports your self-development and an introspective review that helps you drive personal change. This game is one of our exclusive resources designed to help you grow your business, develop your skills and succeed as a professional coach.



This virtual card game consists of:

12 Illustrated Coaching Skill cards
40 Question Cards divided into 4 themes to help develop your coaching skills:

  • Current situation – 9 cards
  • Desired situation – 9 cards
  • Options and barriers – 14 cards
  • Action plan – 8 cards

Plus… Full instructions on how to use the game and our list of the 10 coaching essentials.


The questions have been clearly set out within the four themes, so you can work on one or all of the 12 coaching skills. This virtual card game can be used by a professional coach or delivered by anybody with an insight into coaching: Coach, Therapist, Coaching Supervisor, Consultant or Trainer. And within business: Human Resources (HR), Talent Development, Occupational Health, Corporate Psychologist and Managers.


Here are five of the key coaching skills included in this game:

  • Master the art of questioning
  • Understand different viewpoints
  • Clarify the objectives
  • Challenge a client
  • Terminate the coaching



How to use this virtual card game:

1 / From the 12 coaching Skill cards, you choose a skill to work on. You can also play this game with your coaching supervisor or discuss the results with them.

2 / Now you tap on a Question card to turn it over and answer the question. Start with the 1st question or pick any card at random.

3 / The objective is for you to answer all of the questions. You can write your answers down if it helps, as you work through the questions at a pace that suits you.



This game will also help you as a professional coach practice your open questioning:

1 / Choose a theme (Current situation, Desired situation, Options and barriers or Action plan)

2 / Tap on a Question card to turn it over (in order or randomly) and read each question out loud to help memorize them

3 / The objective is for you to develop your open questioning technique and learn all 40 questions


This virtual card game will work on your mobile, tablet or computer. A secure login and password will be sent, once your payment has been received.



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Author: Valérie Moissonnier – has been a professional coach since 2002 and runs Institut du Selfcoaching in Paris. They offer a wide range of coaching resources for individuals, teams, groups and organizations. This virtual card game will help when coaching for your own professional development, but Valérie has also created a selection of other card games: Coaching a Manager, Coaching a Team, Coaching a Chief Executive, Coaching a Salesperson, Coaching a Transformation Project, Coaching a Business Leader, Coaching a Teenager, Coaching by phone, Coaching with images, Coach with Selfcoaching® and Coaching relationships with Love Coaching.


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