Wheel of life Workshop

Wheel of life Workshop


Use this kit to confidently deliver an interactive half-day wheel of life workshop. Its supports discussions that will help your clients understand how balanced their lives feel


The kit has everything you need to run the workshop including a professional presentation, full speakers notes, a facilitator guide and handout to use in the workshop. You have a range of interactive exercises, plus plenty of optional discussion points you can incorporate if you wanted to expand this out into a longer session.

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Description :

Wheel of life Workshop


This wheel of life kit can be adapted with your branding, but contains everything you need to confidently deliver a half-day workshop. It has a main presentation with full speakers notes, plus a step by step facilitator guide and handout for people attending.


The presentation can be used for a face to face or online workshop, and is designed to be fully interactive. As well as the exercises listed below, the kit includes optional discussion points you can incorporate depending on numbers and time you have available.



This kit has everything you need to run a successful wheel of life workshop:

Workshop Presentation – The presentation has 21 slides and includes speaker notes to help guide you through the content and interactive exercises. An ice breaker kicks off this half-day workshop and mindfulness exercise ends it, however you may prefer to adapt the content or running order to better fit your coaching style.

The main presentation is split into the following sections:
1. Welcome and introductions
2. Live a balanced life
3. 360 view of life
4. Action planning
5. Mindfulness exercise
6. Feedback

Interactive exercises:
Ice breaker
How balanced is your life?
The wheel of life
Group review
Personal review
Mindfulness exercise


Facilitator Guide – The guide has 7 pages that walk you step by step through the presentation and mirrors the speaker notes to ensure you can confidently deliver all information and interactive exercises. The guide has optional discussion points and information you can incorporate into the workshop session. We have also included space on the last page for you to make notes.

Workshop Handout – The two-page handout has everything the people attending your workshop will need to fully participate in the interactive exercises. The handout also has space to take notes and capture the discussion that takes place during the session. It will act as their personal reminder, but can also prompt them to book a follow-up session with you to review their notes in more detail.


Please note: The wheel of life workshop presentation has been created in PowerPoint and only requires a small amount of contact information to be added before you can use it. However, if you prefer, it can be fully adapted or personalized to incorporate your logo or branding, and any specific colors you like to use.



Please note: This is a complete kit saved as a zip file and includes a PowerPoint presentation, two documents (Guide and handout in both PDF & Word format) and a terms and conditions cover sheet:
PC users: Download the latest version of winzip
Mac users: Download the latest version of Unarchiver from the App store


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