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teenagers' parents

Can parents and teenagers avoid communication issue ?

Are in communication difficulties between parents and teenagers avoidable? As a coach, you may be confronted with this issue. Your coachees may also be parents who are tired, worried and often powerless to cope with their teenagers’ unhappiness or explosive reactions. It’s your job to encourage them to explore the feelings they are experiencing: the loss of their young child (whom they understood so well), sadness at feeling rejected, anger at no longer being respected, feelings of uselessness or powerlessness, fear of the future… You can help them question what’s really going on in their teenagers’ heads. This will enable them to put certain situations, which could quickly degenerate into conflict, into perspective.

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The real cause of your procrastination in marketing

Are you an adept of procrastination ? Are you procrastinating on the activities you need to do to bring clients? 
Does procrastination lead to experiencing shame, guilt, and disappointment as a result?

If this is a familiar scenario, you probably regularly beat yourself up for your laziness or lack of willpower and blame yourself for not trying hard enough

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Strengthen team spirit

How can you help strengthen team spirit?

At a time when employee commitment is waning due to remote working, enabling teams to work on a common project is a good way of strengthening team spirit. It is by being united around the same objective that a team can continue to be cohesive and motivated.

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Isn’t Gratitude a good topic to start the new Year?

Introducing Gratitude in the workplace means making a commitment to an environment where every employee feels valued for who they are and not just for what they do. Values as human qualities are put forward and not just values directly linked to the performance of tasks.

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annual review

Why is an annual review important?

To know where you’re going, it’s important to know where you have come from. This is why an annual review is so important. Formal or informal, exhaustive, or not, the aim is for it to be relevant and, above all, useful to you. It will help you prepare for the coming year.

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