Coaching for individuals

coaching for individuals

Find effective answers through coaching

To start, Coaching for individuals covers an infinite range of issues, especially as each person is unique in his or her being, experiences and projects.

Recurring themes in coaching requests from individuals:

– A better work-life balance
– Developing self-confidence or self-esteem
– Defining a new life project
– Resolving a relationship conflict
– Managing stress better
– Developing your interpersonal and communication skills
– Rediscovering motivation

What can coaching do for me personally?

 Individual coaching allows you to take a step back from events :

– It provides external, neutral lighting
– You’ll become aware of the way you function and effects
– You will be helped to implement solutions and developments
– It provides knowledge and tools tailored to your needs

The synergy between coach and client creates greater power to confront and overcome obstacles…

Individual coaching process

Individual coaching adopts the same main principles as business coaching. It consists of :

  • Around ten face-to-face or telephone sessions between the coach and the coachee, lasting one to one-and-a-half hours, every one to two weeks over three to six months, depending on the schedules of the coach and client.
  • A preliminary meeting between the coachee and the coach in order to verify their motivation to work together:

–  A definition of the coaching framework and the tools and methods used
– The definition of objectives, which may evolve as the supported person progresses.
– Respect for professional ethics (in particular, coaches are bound by professional secrecy).
– Making the coachee responsible for achieving their objectives, so that they are autonomous at the end of coaching.

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