Boosters – Ice Breakers & Energisers : boost your sessions !

Boosters – Ice Breakers & Energisers : boost your sessions !


Boosters are 32 ice breakers and energisers to boost your group coaching sessions, seminars and face-to-face or remote courses.

The Boosters are divided into 4 categories that follow the chronology of a session, from its opening to its closure.

Description :

Boosters – Ice Breakers & Energisers : boost your sessions !

Boosters, make your groups more dynamic and fun 

Boosters are 32 dynamic icebreakers and energisers designed to enhance your group coaching sessions, seminars, whether they are face-to-face or remote learning sessions. 

What is a Booster ? 

Energisers or energy boosters are short, fun, surprising activities that are easy to set up with little or no equipment to energise and facilitate your sessions. Energy boosters are essential to : 

  • Get a group back into the swing of things, re-mobilise and make them available to the present moment. After a break during which everyone’s attention has waned, it’s important to get the group back to “here and now, together” 
  • Energise after lunch or a theoretical session 
  • Relax physically and mentally to renew attention, move around, laugh together and re-establish the group dynamic 
  • Create a link with the theme of the session 
  • Create links and interactivity within a group 
  • Make your meetings more lively, participative and enjoyable 

The game consists of 32 cards divided into 4 categories. 

Each card specifies whether the activity is intended for face-to-face or remote learning 

  • Side 1 of the card:  a pictogram and the characteristics of the Booster 
  • Side 2: the description and implementation of the Booster. 

The Boosters are divided into 4 categories that follow the chronology of a session, from its opening to its closure. The same Booster can have multiple uses.


  • Start a session, lighten the mood 
  • Encourage inclusion, interaction between participants, commitment from everyone 
  • Introduce oneself, get to know each other 
  • Set the way for learning 

Getting energised 

  • Energising, re-energising a group
  • Create links, foster sharing and listening 
  • Have fun, adjust the pace, renew attention 
  • Experience the pleasure of being together 

Pedagogical Boosters

  • Forming groups or pairs in a playful and random way. Stimulating creativity, idea generation, or content production
  • Promoting group cohesion, cooperation, trust, communication, listening, respect, teamwork spirit
  • Orchestrating a pedagogical awakening

Super Boosters 

  • Optimising a break 
  • Meditation 
  • Close a session 
  • Thanking 
  • Celebrate 

Boosters in remote sessions are run in the same way as face-to-face sessions 

  • Select the booster to suit your group, context and theme 
  • Give clear instructions 
  • Check that the participants have understood and that everyone is in agreement with the exercise 
  • Create sub-groups in different rooms if necessary 
  • Check the framing of the cameras, if they need to stand up 
  • Facilitate the smooth running of the exercise by ensuring that instructions and time limits are respected, by putting yourself in the meta position and navigating between rooms 
  • Allow time for debriefing with feedback and lessons learned. 


Please note: You will require an internet connection to access this virtual card game. It will work on your mobile, tablet or computer when online, however it cannot be downloaded, saved or printed. You will need to log in using your secure password to access the game, once your payment has been received.

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