Coaching a Team

Coaching a Team


Run successful team coaching sessions and learn how to deflect conflict with this essential guide to coaching a team.


Description :

Coaching a Team


This 10 page e-book gathers together the essential background information and tools needed for you to run coaching sessions with teams and deflect conflict.


Coaching a team is an opportunity to unlock true potential within a group, because you will be working with a real team.


Coaching a team can be an opportunity to unlock their true potential and normally starts with a request for help from a member of HR or the Manager / Team Leader. They will be able to provide you with a clear brief, or report that lists the current situation, any issues or challenges and why they feel this team needs additional help from a professional coach.


Being a coach allows you to ask the right questions, so use this opportunity to start building a connection and fully explore the following areas:

  • Overall objectives from the coaching process
  • The timeframe, budget and how success will be measured
  • Why the team need external help and what support has already been provided
  • Team dynamics and how they are perceived by others
  • Your role and example approaches you could take
  • Any success from similar work you have already completed


Points to consider:

  • Approach coaching a team through collective motivation
  • The team is a living system and has within it people who want to contribute and excel
  • Gather team commitments and agree an action plan
  • Organize half day coaching sessions to minimize scheduling issues
  • Using benchmarking tools to measure changes in behavior, productivity and teamworking
  • Call out any negative behavior or undelivered actions




Full content list:


What is team coaching?
Defining a team
Objectives for coaching a team
The team coaching process
Key stages


Your role in coaching a team
Coaching style
Co-developing solutions


Coaching tools
Strategic Questioning
Incorporating the GROW Model
Personality types
Traffic lights


Running a team meeting
Delegation of roles
How to successfully deflect conflict



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