Coaching Change Management

Coaching Change Management


Coach in the corporate world of organizational change, learn how to land a contract and what you need to know so you can support delivery teams, executives and managers to successfully deliver lasting change.

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Coaching Change Management


This 15 page e-book looks at change and is a practical guide for Coaching Change in two sections. The first helps you understand change and then we share valuable insight into organizational change, how to land a contract and how best to support a delivery team, executives and managers deliver lasting change.


Change is normally defined as a process or transformation to move from a state A (as is) the current state, to a state B (to be) the future state.


Many people have learned to adapt to changes or challenges within their everyday lives, but must remember that whatever the change, we will normally follow a similar process to register, understand and adjust to the change. The bigger the impact or more complex the change, the longer it will normally take to move through these four key stages:


In this ebook, Change – A practical guide, we look at the different types of change so you know how to manage your reaction to it or support others through it. And then set out the difference between emerging, unplanned and planned change.


The second section has a focus on coaching Change Management, because we believe a professional coach can really help eliminate resistance to change and enable a smooth transition over to any new way of working. This is because you can help individuals and teams understand the need for change, work through any impact it could have and ensure they feel supported to find their own solutions.


However, as every organization will have a slightly different change management process to follow, we share two popular examples and our set of guiding principles. They will give you a valuable insight into the process many change managers and transformation delivery teams go through.


And we finally look at the steps you could take to target projects and secure a contract, your role supporting organizational change and our insights into how best to work with a change delivery team.



Full content list:


Introduction to Change
Definition of change
Different types of change
Emerging change
Unplanned change
Planned change

Introduction to Change Management
The four pillars of change
1. The need for change
2. Planning for the change
3. Implementing the change
4. Sustaining the change

Change Management Examples
Leading Change by John Kotter
The ADKAR model

Coaching and Change Management
Knowledge of the corporate world
Projects to target
Securing the next contract
Your role supporting change
Working with the delivery team


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