Circle of Influence

Circle of Influence


Help any individual or small group take back control with this easy to implement coaching tool.

This essential coaching toolkit includes full step by step instructions and an easy to print handout for you to use during the coaching session.

Description :

Circle of Influence


The Circle of Influence is an easy to implement coaching tool you can use with any small group or individual.


This coaching toolkit is essential if you ever work with somebody who feels overwhelmed or simply feels as if nothing is going their way. It helps them gain valuable insight, so they can take back control of the things they can change or influence.


This circle of influence toolkit will help you identify the things within their control or things they could influence. But more importantly the things that are completely outside of their control.

These are the things they will need to learn to accept, let go off or walk away from, as they are normally the things that cause frustration or the most stress.



Full content list:

1 – Introduction to the circle of influence
2 – Step by step instructions for your coaching session
3 – Professional handout for you to print and give to your clients


This essential coaching tool includes full step by step instructions and a handout for you to use in the coaching session.



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