Coaching Needs

Coaching Needs


Help your clients identify their needs and agree action plans to help satisfy them with this essential toolkit for coaching needs. It also includes a simple step by step process to use in your coaching sessions.

Description :

Coaching Needs


This 12 page ebook provides you with an essential toolkit for coaching needs.


It also includes a simple step by step guide you can use in your coaching sessions to identify needs and develop action plans to help satisfy them.


A need is something we feel we must have, should have or want very much. However, needs are different to wants because if you do not fulfill a need, you will have a negative outcome that stops you enjoying a healthy life.

In 1943 Abraham Maslow published his paper ‘A Theory of Human Motivation’ and it sets out a hierarchy of needs that details the things we all need to feel fulfilled in life

We know there is a link between living a fulfilled life with personal needs being met, and the negative outcomes like stress if they are not. So it is therefore imperative to satisfy our needs if we are to truly enjoy life and be ourselves.


A need is:

  • Dominant until it is resolved
  • Often from our childhood
  • Possible to satisfy permanently
  • Something that should be satisfied if you want to live a fulfilled life
  • A symptom


When our needs are met, we have:

  • Time, space and love for others, without competition
  • A spectacular self-confidence, without arrogance
  • A natural decrease in desires, without frustration, compulsion or imperatives





Full content list:


What are needs?

  • Hierarchy of needs
  • Quality of life
  • Understanding our needs

Identifying needs

  • Step one – Selecting needs
  • Step two – Clarify your needs

Satisfying your needs

  • Step three – Satisfaction
  • Your action plan
  • Tracking the changes




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