Developing Inner Leadership

Developing Inner Leadership


Developing Inner Leadership by Ralph Lewis, is a practical handbook and resource for connecting and aligning with our deeper selves. 

The exercises and diagrams included in this E-book provide a powerful pathway in coaching toward personal leadership development.

This e-book illustrates, by illuminating and powerful processes, a way through the tangle of reaction our coachees often fall victim to – on their way to the mastery of choice in action.

This book provides a clear message for all seeking greater freedom of choice within themselves when faced with decisions regarding business and life. A powerful tool for professional coaches.

Description :

Developing Inner Leadership

This 136 page Developing Inner Leadership e-book, written by Ralph Lewis, is your essential guide to coaching and will quickly give you a solid grounding in the subject.

The tools within this e-book can be used when coaching others or for their own personal and professional development.


Inner Leadership is about being true to yourself and doing what you need to do because it is right for you. It doesn’t matter to the Inner Leader whether they have followers or not – their own inner vision is what counts for them.

It’s about honouring and respecting yourself without the arrogance of certainty. And if the Inner Leader truly honours and values him or herself, then they will honour and value others as well.


Ralph Lewis


The Vital Questions Frame has been developed by Ralph Lewis, a Leadership Development consultant and coach. He is also a co-founder of the UK Centre for Servant-Leadership. He was a lecturer in Management Development at Cranfield School of Management for four years and is a Programme Director at London Business School.


Full content list of the e-book Developing Inner Leadership:


  1. Introduction

            How to Discover Your Inner leader

           The Pathway to Inner Leadership

           Inner Work


  1. Inner Leadership: Life as a Whole

            What is Inner Leadership?

            Head and Heart

            The Vital Questions

            Living on Purpose and Service


            Summing Up


  1. Telling Your Story


            Telling Your Story

            Changing Your Story – Limiting Beliefs

            Creating a New Story

            Deeper Issues with Our Stories

            Finding Your Voice


  1. Being Your Best

            Living a Fulfilled Life – Achieving Your Potential

            Developing a Practice

            Focusing on the Positive

            The Shadow and Stress


  1. Companions

            Why do we need Companions?

            Building Relationships


            Leading Others

            Balancing Masculine and Feminine Energies

            Your People Plan


6. Exercices


Exercises in your Developing Inner Leadership e-book


            Inner Leadership

            World Leader

            Leaders You have known

            Who would you like to be as a leader? My Head-Heart Balance

            The Vital Questions – Analysis Life’s Challenges

            What you would like to have happen My Dreams/Ideal Day

            My “Purpose”

            Activity and People Planning Applying the Change Process

            The Vital Questions: Summary


            Telling Your Story

            What story represents you?

            So What is Your Story?

            Finding Your own Self-Limiting Beliefs

            Freeing Yourself from Negativity and Limiting Beliefs

            Creating a new Story

            Finding Your Voice


            Being Your Best

            Identifying Your Best Self  

            Starting a Practice

            Saying Yes – Appreciation Your Shadow


            Stress Management Commitment



            What I need in Relationships

            People Mapping

            My Networking Strengths

            Emotional Bank Balances

            My Communication Style


            Leading Organisations

            My Ideal Organisation

            Leading My Organisation

            Developing a “Yes” Organisation

            Using Critical and Creativity Thinking effectively?


            Inner Leadership and Play

            Allowing Fun, Creativity and Play into Your Life

            Saying Yes

            Poems for Yes

            Spirituality and Me


            The Selfdom Model

            Developing Your Selfdom Model



We highly recommend to combine this Ebook in your practice with the Vital Questions KIT, available on our website.


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