I develop my coaching skills


I develop my coaching skills

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A crucial pack at unbeatable value

Are you a coach looking to develop your coaching skills?
The “I develop my coaching skills” pack includes : 

  • The Kit : Vital questions
  • The Ebook : Coaching personal & interpersonal skills
  • The Ebook : Personal excellence using Yung’s Typology in everyday life
  • The Ebook : Individual excellence
  • The Virtual Card Game : Coaching your professional development

Description :

I develop my coaching skills

Are you a coach looking to develop your coaching skills? Over the course of your career, you’ve honed this approach through training and certification in various methodologies.

Did you know that HR departments now recognize the significance of managers’ and executives’ abilities to guide their teams towards high performance while prioritizing their well-being? They seek to cultivate this mindset in their leadership.


The coaching stance is a pivotal asset in facilitating change and supporting employees.

Whether navigating a simple transition or a significant transformation, you require the capacity to step back and assume a meta position.

With this package, you’ll receive a kit, three e-books, a kit created by Ralph Lewis a highly recognised coach (he is also the author of two of the e-books), and a deck of cards to ensure the success of all your interventions and enhance your interpersonal skills


  1. Kit – Vital Questions- to develop your coaching skills

The Vital Questions Framework is a simple, clear but extremely powerful means of structuring coaching sessions. This kit consists of a two by two matrix which looks at the task and the people aspects of any situation and then further divides the areas into those that are external to the person and those that are internal.

 As a coach, you can be use this framework as people’s personal preferences, their career development and the way they go about resolving their challenges.  You can also use it to look at Team and Organisational cultures. The kit is extremely versatile and allows you as a coach to broaden your perspective and ask questions that cover all areas of a person’s experience.  

The kit includes:
A PPT presentation for a one day event.  56 slides.
A facilitator guide 

Key reasons for using the Vital Questions frame in your coaching sessions
During a coaching session the Vital Questions Framework enables you to:

  • Look at all the aspects of the issue or problem the person is bringing to you
  • Enable them to look at their issue from many different perspectives
  • Develop a more strategic and focused set of actions to resolve the issue. This may well include areas that have not been thought of because they are outside people’s preferences
  • Be more confident in the chosen outcomes
  • Develop a vision that covers all aspects of the person’s challenge

Use this kit for interactive plenary or video workshops. The facilitator’s manual will help you to carry out the various exercises.

  1. Ebook – Coaching personal & interpersonal skills –to develop your coaching skills

This 25 page e-book provides you with an essential toolkit for coaching personal and interpersonal skills. It helps you identify the qualities and traits that enhance our everyday interactions.

As a professional coach, you can use both parts of this ebook in your coaching sessions, plus the self-assessment skills compass to identify strengths and talents or areas to focus on. Part one has a focus on Personal Skills and part two looks at Interpersonal Skills, so you have a complete overview of both.  

Personal skills are seen as our ‘soft skills’ or those intangible qualities and traits that enhance our everyday interactions.
Interpersonal skills are seen as our ‘people skills’ and relate to how we communicate with others.

These skills are critical to our success in a range or different roles and many employers look for people with strong personal and interpersonal skills because they can positively contribute to the working environment, communicate effectively and work well with others. The skills compass will help identify the strengths that can be added to a CV or Resume and will help you stand out when the hiring manager is shortlisting candidates for a role.

  1. Ebook – Personal excellence using Yung’s Typology in everyday life – to develop your coaching skills

This detailed practical E-book covers Jung’s typology in a very practical way. In this book about various aspects of personality and Type, Ralph Lewis encourages readers to develop their own understanding of Jung’s theory; to reflect for themselves on their own development and to consider their relationships in the widest context, not merely confined to the work team.

With Jung’s typology, coaches will be able to apply Type theory in practical situations and to guide coachees to target their own Personal Excellence. Such attainment may be in the fields of general management and leadership development, outplacement counselling, career counselling, social work, teaching. Or in the myriad applications where understanding communications between people is the first step to personal development.

This Ebook helps coaches to encourage individuals to understand themselves and the processes between people as an effective means of maximising individual and collective potential in a rapidly changing world.

  1. Ebook – Individual excellence 


This 115 page e-book is your essential guide to coaching Individual Excellence management. It will quickly give you a solid grounding in the subject. This e-book will provide you tools that you can use when coaching others or for their own personal and professional development.

As coaches and management development practitioners, we use the twin tools : subject knowledge and self-knowledge to bring to managers a broader and deeper perspective on their working lives. We hope that this E-book will do the same for its readers.

Carl Jung, one of the founding fathers of modern psychology, whose work forms the model on which this book is based. Jung said that we are all born with an innate preference for certain ways of living and working. Just as we are born with an innate preference for writing with our left or right hand.

The same is true of our innate personality preferences. Dissatisfaction or inefficiency in some aspect of our life is very often a result of having to use functions of our personality which are not those we would prefer.

This book, then, is unlikely to change your coachees life. It’s a tool for you to help them being happier with the one they’re stuck with. At the end of the day, that has always seemed to us to be the preferable option.

  1. Virtual Card Game – Coaching your professional development

Use this practical online tool for coaching your professional development and help develop successful coaching skills in a fun way. By asking the right questions, this game supports your self-development and an introspective review.  This will help you drive personal change. This game is one of our exclusive resources designed to help you grow your business, develop your skills and succeed as a professional coach.

 This virtual card game consists of:
12 Illustrated Coaching Skill cards
40 Question Cards divided into 4 themes to help develop your coaching skills:
Plus… Full instructions on how to use the game and our list of the 10 coaching essentials. 

Please note: You will require an internet connection to access this virtual card game on your Mycoaching ToolKit profile. It will work on your mobile, tablet or computer when online, however it cannot be downloaded, saved or printed. You will need to log in using your secure password to access the game, once your payment has been received.


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