I specialise in coaching values, needs and beliefs


I specialise in coaching values, needs and beliefs

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A package to help our customers reflect on their pillars of life.

The Pack-I coach needs, beliefs and values consists of 

  • The E-book : Coaching needs
  • The E-book : Coaching beliefs
  • The E-book : Coaching values
  • The Kit : exploring Core Values

Description :

I specialise in coaching values, needs and beliefs

This package is designed to guide our customers in contemplating their life pillars and to support through coaching values, needs and beliefs.


Coaching values, needs and beliefs. In a world characterised by uncertainty and looming future challenges such as terrorism, social crises, food shortages, health issues, and ecological crises, our foundational pillars of life—comprising needs, beliefs, and values—are continually under scrutiny. Unlike previous generations, we find ourselves questioning these pillars more frequently.

Navigating a world marked by volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity, the quest for meaning in our lives becomes paramount. This involves a reevaluation of our needs, beliefs, and values, with a particular focus on the dynamic nature of values across different life stages.

How can we find meaning in our lives?


Values are the core of a belief system that influences every decision we make. They are therefore useful for conflict resolution and decision-making, and play a motivational role in personality functioning. They evolve with our life cycles: we don’t have the same values at 20, 40 or 60 years old.

In this age of fake news, it’s important to re-examine our beliefs, because a belief is opposed to the notion of critical thinking, and finds its antithesis in instrumentalism, which considers scientific models to be no more than instruments enabling us to conveniently conceive of phenomena. A skeptic considers a belief he or she does not share to be false; a radical skeptic considers any belief, or rather any truth, to be false until proven otherwise.

Our needs aren’t set in stone either, and are constantly evolving. On the other hand, we know that if they are not satisfied, we are initially under mild stress, but this can escalate to profound stress, leading to situations of failure.

So it’s important in these moments of instability, especially at the start of life coaching, to work with our clients on these three pillars.


  1. The Kit : exploring Core Values

The kit includes:


A PPT presentation, for a one-day event – 13 slides.

Content :
What are personal core values?    
Why are values important?
Rules to run the workshop
Exercises to help your clients better understand their personal core values

The facilitator guide

Housekeeping & Rules
Detailed instructions per slide to run this one-day workshop

Check the product sheet for more details


2. The E-book : Coaching needs


This 12 page ebook provides you with an essential toolkit for coaching needs. It also includes a simple step by step guide you can use in your coaching sessions to identify needs and develop action plans to help satisfy them.

Content list:

What are needs?
Identifying needs
Satisfying your needs


Check the product sheet for more details (full content list, …)


3. The E-book : Coaching beliefs


Learn how to change the life scripts that could be holding you or your clients back, with this 19 page e-book specifically designed to gather together the essential tools needed for coaching beliefs.


Content list:

Where do beliefs come from?
Identifying my beliefs
Changing my beliefs


Check the product sheet for more details (full content list, …)


4. The E-book : Coaching professional and personal values


This 16 page coaching values e-book provides a complete toolkit for coaching both professional and personal values. It will quickly give you a solid grounding in the subject and the simple step by step process can be used when coaching others or for your own self development.


Content list

Understanding values

Identify your values


Check the product sheet for more details (full content list, …)



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