I specialise in Emotion Coaching


I specialise in Emotion Coaching


A must-have bundle at an outstanding value!

Are you a coach looking to refine your emotional coaching skills or aiming to deepen your comprehension of the subject? Don’t miss out on this chance: mastering emotional management is becoming a highly sought-after business skill.

The PACK- I specialise in Emotion Coaching consists of

  • the E-book : Coaching emotional intelligence
  • the Kit : Understanding our emotions workshop
  • the Kit : Emotional intelligence, the workshop

Description :

I specialise in Emotion Coaching

Where does Emotion Coaching begins … We’ve perhaps underestimated the innate usefulness of our emotions, quietly influencing us in the background. Understanding the practical role of emotions is essential for effective management — our society is heavily influenced by emotions, often on a subconscious level!

The Emotion Coaching approach is founded on

  • Comprehension of diverse emotions and their expressions
  • In-depth exploration of emotion management

The PACK- I specialise in Emotion Coaching, includes a kit and an e-book to ensure the success of all your sessions.

  1. The E-Book- Coaching Emotional Intelligence

This 19 page e-book is your complete toolkit for coaching emotional intelligence. The three main sections cover emotions, emotional intelligence and emotional intelligence in the workplace. We then look at coaching emotional intelligence and share examples of testing. This Ebook also includes a wheel of emotions handout to use in your coaching sessions.

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  1. The Kit – Understanding our emotions Workshop

Your can adapt the Understanding-Our-Emotions-Kit with your branding, but it already contains everything you need to confidently deliver a half-day workshop. It has a main presentation with full speakers notes, plus a step by step facilitator guide, handout for people attending and wheel of emotions poster.

 The presentation can be used for a face to face or online workshop, and is designed to be fully interactive. As well as the exercises listed below, the kit includes optional discussion points you can incorporate depending on how many people you have taking part and the time you have available.

The kit consist of

  • A PDF and Word version
  • An interactive exercices
  • A facilitator guide
  • A workshop handout


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  1. The Kit – Emotional Intelligence, the workshop


This workshop addresses Emotional Intelligence (EI) – concentrating on self-awareness and management and social awareness and management, which are the four main areas of study within Emotional Intelligence.


The course has many assessments both for self and social.  Decide what assessments you think are the most relevant to the course you want to run.  Using all assessments would be overwhelming.  But, you can decide what is best for your particular training.   Also, determine if you want to have the participants do the assessments as pre-work or during the course.


The workshop is set to be a two-day face to face session – but this can be altered as needed.  


The Kit consists of

  • PowerPoint presentation for two day workshop
  • Facilitator Notes
  • Emotion Cards for first exercise
  • Assessments
  • An additional Information Section
  • Recommended Clips/Book listing


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