Manager coach : coaching for performance and development

Manager coach : coaching for performance and development


An kit for a essential workshop to learn the latest skills and techniques needed to work as an inspirational manager coach.

The Manager-coach kit consists of

  •  One PPT presentations : one for a one-day workshop (81 slides)
  • The facilitator guide
  • A participant workbook guide
  • Preparation instructions

Description :

Manager coach : coaching for performance and development

Manager coach


More and more companies want to promote well-being at work. The days of rivalry are over; we are entering the era of collaboration.
This relates to managers’ attitudes, and besides basic management training being essential, the next step is to train them in manager coach attitudes.
This workshop provides a significant return in terms of work climate.

In this kit, you will find a complete PowerPoint training programme for training manager-coaches, an accompanying manual, a workbook, and appendices.

During this workshop, participants will learn the latest essential skills and techniques needed to work as an inspirational manager coach. They will participate in several practice sessions and receive feedback from the facilitator to evaluate the impact of their coaching style on others.

This workshop lasts 1 day + a 2-hour “virtual classroom reconnect”. An option is also to convert this 2-hour session into a 3-hour face-to-face session.

You can customise the kit with your own logo and colours. All documents are formatted with space for your own photos or illustrations.


By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to

  • Use the latest coaching models to structure their coaching conversations and make them more effective.
  • Create a variety of coaching styles to adapt their practice to any situation.
  • Use daily work activities as an opportunity to coach and raise the bar.
  • Applying the skills of ‘instant coaching’.

The manager coach package consists of :


  1. A PPT presentation

PowerPoint- 81 PowerPoint slides for this workshop.




What is the role of the coach?

Apply a coaching style that meets the coachee’s needs

How to structure your coaching conversations

Discovering and applying a coaching model

Developing your coaching questions

The different types of questions

Feedback techniques

Developing listening techniques

Identify your strengths and areas for development in coaching

Applying advanced techniques for coaching

Challenging coaching conversations successfully

Interpretation and misinterpretation: The difference between judging and perceiving

The language compass (asking specific questions) to bring the client back to 1st reality.

Creating a personal action plan


  1. The facilitator guide

  • Logistics
  • Detailed slide-by-slide instructions for conducting this workshop
  • For each slide you will find: The purpose of the exercise or an explanation as a guide
  • Instructions and questions for the exercise
  • Using the exercises


  1. A Participant Workbook

  2. Preparation instructions for the manager coach workshop


Training kit benefits:

– All the support you need,

– Clear, precise texts written by professional coaches

– Careful page layout

– Significant time savings when training or organising a workshop

– Exceptional value for money

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