Personal Excellence: Using Jung’s Typology in everyday life

Personal Excellence: Using Jung’s Typology in everyday life


This 71 page Personal Excellence E-book is your essential guide to coaching using with Jung’s typology in everyday life and will quickly give you a solid grounding in the subject.

The tools within this e-book can be used when coaching others or for their own personal and professional development.

Description :

Personal Excellence: Using Jung’s Typology in everyday life

This detailed practical E-book covers Jung’s typology in a very practical way. In this book about various aspects of personality and Type, Ralph Lewis encourages readers to develop their own understanding of Jung’s theory; to reflect for themselves on their own development and to consider their relationships in the widest context, not merely confined to the work team.


Using Jung’s Typology in your coaching activities


With Jung’s typology, coaches and facilitators will be able to apply Type theory in practical situations and to guide coachees to target their own Personal Excellence.

Such attainment may be in the fields of general management and leadership development, outplacement counselling, career counselling, social work, teaching or in the myriad applications where understanding communications between people is the first step to personal development.

In a world where organisational team working, problem solving, leadership styles and coping with change appear as some of the key initiators for success and bottom-line improvement, Type theory has too often been seen and applied as the rapid quick fix for assisting individuals, teams and companies to work better together. In his book Jung’s Typology in Perspective, Angelo Spoto refers to the outcome of these developments as “typological frenzy”.

This Ebook helps coaches to encourage individuals to understand themselves and the processes between people as an effective means of maximising individual and collective potential in a rapidly changing world.


Ralph Lewis


Ralph Lewis is a coach and author initially trained as a physicist. Working later in Information Systems, he carried out research for a M.Phil. He was a lecturer in Management Development at Cranfield School of Management for four years and is a Programme Director at London Business School. Introduced to Jung’s typology via the Myers Briggs Type Indicator in 1977, he has used typology extensively in helping individuals, teams and organisations to understand their biases and ways of working. Ralph Lewis developed further typological questionnaires to measure individuals’ views not only of their preferences, but also of their abilities and development needs.


The e-book Personal Excellence: Using Jung’s Typology in everyday life consists of


  1. Jung’s typology
    Why Jung’s typology?
    The attitudes
    The functions
    Description of the functions
    The superior function
    The auxiliary-tertiary functions
    The inferior function
    The tension of opposites
    Type experiences

  2. Journeys of the heart
    Relating: abstracting and empathising
    Individual experiences 

  3. Living in the material world
    The body and Type
    Managing time
    Type and play
    Spirituality and meaning

  4. Games Types play
    Growth: stress and burnout
    Games Types play
    The developmental process
    Developmental interviewing

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