The Virtual Classroom

The Virtual Classroom


This ebook explains everything you need to know about the virtual classroom so you can learn how to set up and run successful interactive training sessions.

Description :

The Virtual Classroom


Learn how to set up and run a virtual classroom with this 19 page e-book. We show you how to make the most of this opportunity to coach and train in a new way.


Help unlock new potential and learn how you can deliver coaching and training via this interactive approach.


This new Virtual Classroom e-book gives a clear introduction to the opportunities available to you as a professional coach in using a virtual classroom. We explain what a virtual classroom is and help you get started with plenty of tips and tricks that will set you up for success. 


What is a Virtual Classroom?

This is an interactive digital space that enables learners during a training course to communicate with each other, consult training materials and use interactive tools to participate in educational activities.



What are the advantages?

  • It allows you to work with people regardless of their geographic location
  • Unlike a traditional e-learning course, this is fully interactive and offers the possibility of immediate feedback
  • It encourages social learning, which is a learning mode that includes social interaction like chat, internal social networks within companies, etc




Full content list:


What is a virtual classroom?
What software to use
Example of a virtual classroom with BigBlueButton
Technical aspects

Managing your classroom session
The physical environment
The virtual environment
Always looking good on webcam
Top tips for the people joining your virtual session

Setting up and getting started
Your welcome screen
Starting the session
Reacting to late arrivals
Introducing yourself in a virtual world
Explaining the educational objectives and activities
Getting their attention and keeping it
Stimulating the senses
Organizing a range of discussions
Gathering questions or feedback
Creating breakout groups
Using connectivism
Using other tools

Closing your classroom session
End on a positive



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