Thinking Hats

Thinking Hats


The kit Thinking Hats consists of

  •  Two PPT presentations : one for a one-day workshop (75 slides) and one for a half-day workshop (44 slides)
  • How to use thinking hats in group coaching
  • The facilitator guides for the one-day and half-day workshops

Description :

Thinking Hats

Leading a group coaching/workshop with the 6 Thinking Hats


Edward de Bono’s 6 Thinking Hats method for finding solutions! This method can be an extremely powerful tool for group coaching, as they encourage structured reflection, creativity and communication within the group. This method helps you to step outside your perceptions and certainties, to consider untrodden paths and find different solutions.

Like a radar scanning the space around you, this method broadens your horizons and invites you to tackle a problem by applying 6 different ways of thinking, represented by 6 hats.


Key reasons to use Thinking Hats in your coaching sessions: 


  • Structuring thinking
  • Encouraging diversity of thought
  • Managing conflict
  • Fairness and inclusiveness
  • Improving communication
  • Informed decision-making
  • Increased creativity

This kit can be used for interactive plenary workshops or via Visio. The facilitator’s manual will help you carry out the various exercises.

You can customise the kit with your logo and colours.


The kit consists of


1. Two PPT presentations : one for a one-day event (75 slides) and one for a half-day workshop (44 slides)

Content :
What are Bono’s thinking hats?

Why parallel thinking? 

Detailed explanation of each hat         

Guidelines to apply during sessions

Exercises to practice for better understanding


Implementation :

How to organise a workshop and exercises

How to lead a session with six thinking caps    

Tips for setting up a sequence

Ideas for facilitators to organise sessions and workshops


2. The facilitator guide


  • One-day workshop: Detailed instructions per slide for conducting this workshop
  • For each slide, you will find: The purpose of the exercise or an explanation as a guide
  • Instructions and questions for the exercise
  • Using the exercises

3. Explanation: How to use thinking hats in group coaching?


Benefits of the training kit:

– All the support you need

– Clear, precise texts written by professional coaches

– Careful page layout

– Significant time savings when training or organising a workshop

– Exceptional value for money


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