Coaching for love or lasting relationships

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Coaching for love or lasting relationships 

As a professional coach, you have the opportunity to work with a range of clients who could be looking for support to explore how they think and feel, so love or lasting relationships may at some point become the focus of your conversations.

However, talking about love or lasting relationships in coaching sessions is not the same as opening a dating agency, or helping somebody to get married. But it is a great opportunity for you to help your clients explore what love or lasting relationships mean to them and why they are looking for professional help at this point in their life.

The first step can be to ask them to initially focus on themselves and try to not look to others for fulfilment to make them feel whole, as it can be easy for them to think finding a partner will fill any void they may have or finally complete them as a person.

And when talking to your clients, it can also be important to help them focus on understanding who they really are and how content they are with different aspects of their life. So as part of your coaching session, try exploring these simple goals and discuss them as possible first steps towards finding a partner or loving relationship.

Suggested goals:

  • To live according to my own heart
  • Create a life that I myself find great
  • Follow what is important to me

But as with all coaching, it can help to quickly create an environment of trust so the conversation can be as open and honest as possible. And whatever reason your client may be coming to you now, coaching for love or lasting relationships will be an opportunity to explore past behavior and identify what has worked and what needs looking at, to ensure a more positive outcome in the future.

Further reading:

The subject of love or relationships may come up with an existing client when discussing their life goals, or as part of the work you are already doing with them to identify their beliefs, needs or values. Or you may also be approached by somebody you do not already know who is specifically looking for help from a professional coach to work on love or lasting relationships, so it can be important to first clarify the focus of the coaching.

This type of coaching can be for anyone who has questions about love or lasting relationships, but they will normally be from one of these groups.

Suggested groups:

  • Singles in search of a soul mate or life partner
  • People already in a relationship who have questions about the future
  • Somebody looking for reassurance due to their personal wants, desires or behavior
  • Someone wanting to check they are making the right life choices

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