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Love and relationships 

Coaching for love and relationships is quite an underdeveloped area of the coaching profession, yet it can be something many of your clients would welcome the opportunity to talk about.

It can be a cause of frustration if things are not going to plan, but as with anything in life, finding love and maintaining a loving relationship takes time, energy and above all work and commitment. And this is where a professional coach can really support their clients to open up about this sometimes very personal aspect of their life. Especially if they need to get ready for date night or want to take some time out to have a fresh look at their new, or long term relationship.

For anybody currently looking for love or a new relationship, social media and dating apps will probably be the area that takes most of their time, yet heading out to meet friends and remembering to just look around and get chatting to new people could be the unexplored road so many have forgotten to take.

Here are some key things you may wish to explore with any client currently looking for love:

  • What are they looking for in a partner?
  • What are their goals or expectations and is this realistic?
  • How do they prepare for a formal date or relaxed meeting?
  • Breaking repetitive failure scenarios?
  • How to find love in a digital world and stay safe online?


And, as with any form of coaching, it will be important that your time with a client can quickly help them open up and feel comfortable to talk honestly about how they are feeling and what they are looking for in a partner.

But whatever reason your client may now start to talk to you about love and relationships, try to use the opportunity to explore past behavior and identify what has worked and what needs looking at, to ensure a more positive outcome in the future.

Further reading:

As Valentine is traditionally the time for love, an existing client may suddenly start to talk to you about helping them explore love and relationships. It could be as part of a wider discussion of their overall life goals, or as part of the work you may already be doing to support them to identify their beliefs, needs or values. You may also be approached by somebody you do not know, so it is important you are ready to ask the right questions and clarify the focus of the coaching they are currently looking for and how you can help.

As a quick guide, this type of coaching will normally be with somebody from one of these groups:

  • Singles in search of a soul mate or life partner
  • People already in a relationship who have questions about their future
  • Somebody looking for reassurance due to their personal wants, desires or behavior
  • Someone wanting to check they are making the right life choices

To help you explore these things with your clients, check out our ebook on love and relationships as it can help you to focus the discussion on the steps needed to establish and maintain a new approach to finding love and building a lasting relationship.

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We also have a virtual card game available if you would like to explore love and relationships with your clients in a fun interactive way: Virtual Card Game – Love and relationships

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