I develop my coaching competencies


I develop my coaching competencies

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A crucial pack at unbeatable value

Are you a coach looking to develop your coaching skills?
The “I develop my coaching skills” pack includes : 

  • The Kit : Vital questions
  • The Ebook : Coaching personal & interpersonal skills
  • The Ebook : Personal excellence using Yung’s Typology in everyday life
  • The Ebook : Individual excellence
  • The Virtual Card Game : Coaching your professional development

Description :

I develop my coaching competencies

To excel as a coach, it’s essential to continuously develop your coaching competencies : both your professional expertise and your personal growth.


This set is comprising 3 e-books and 2 practical kits designed to enhance your skills and facilitate your coaching sessions.


  1. Kit – My Coaching Dashboard – to develop your coaching competencies 

In addition to your professional coaching competencies, your membership in a professional association and your adhesion to an ethical charter, what professional document can you use to ensure the success of all your sessions and your discussions with your supervisor? 

You can use the coaching dashboard that you can use during your coaching sessions and your supervision. This chart is designed for individual coaching in companies or with private individuals.


Objectives of the coaching dashboard

  • To feel more comfortable and legitimate in your coaching
  • To be aware of and clarify your own unique style.
  • To remind yourself of all the key dimensions of coaching
  • To list the tools you wish to use
  • To establish clear objectives for your supervision
  • To supervise yourself by setting your own session objectives
  • To help you explain your coaching style to a client or company

3 documents :

  • The coaching dashboard with 8 illustrated sections – 1 printable PDF page
  • A blank coaching dashboard to create your own chart – 1 printable PDF page
  • An Ebook which explains each section and the concepts to enable you to create your own chart – 21 printable PDF pages

    Please note: This dashboard is not intended to represent the ideal model to which we must conform in coaching. Each coach is unique in their style and practice and this tool invites you to design and develop your own unique coaching dashboard.

    – Check the product sheet for more details

  1. Kit – Train and lead – Co development session

Do develop your coaching competencies, this kit has everything you need to facilitate and run a co-development workshop, designed to bring a small group of people together to discuss issues they would like to share and explore.

You will be able to lead the session and ensure everybody gains maximum benefit from the experience.

Within the co-development group you normally have three key roles:
Instructor – You create a safe environment and support the group to share their experiences and ideas
Client – Each member of the group will take it in turns to play the client who sets out the issue they would like to discuss
Consultants – All other members of the group will play the consultant and listen, then share their thoughts and suggestions

 The Kit consists of :

  • 2 PowerPoint presentations
  • The Facilitator Guide – Supports you to run the co-development session (Word document)
  • The guide – Helps the group prepare for a co-development session (Word document)

    – Check the product sheet for more details


  1. Ebook – The coaching manual – to develop your coaching competencies 

The coaching manual is a 31 page ebook, specifically designed to provide you with a comprehensive coaching manual and the essential questions, worksheets and tools needed to deliver successful coaching sessions.

 The tools within the coaching manual can be used by experienced coaches or anybody running their first coaching session. It has the 15 key questions we feel you need to initially ask, plus 170 follow up questions so you can get to the detail.

 We believe coaching is a results-oriented, bespoke approach designed to make individuals, teams and organizations more effective. In our experience it not only increases individual and collective effectiveness, but also encourages people to develop new skills and abilities.

– Check the product sheet for more details


  1. Ebook – Adding creativity into coaching – to develop your coaching competencies 

Help explore your own creativity and try a range of tools and techniques in your coaching sessions with this 11 page Ebook.

Add creativity into coaching and help your clients take a detour through creativity and see what happens.

This e-book has been specifically developed to gather together the essential information needed for coaching creativity. It includes quotes on creativity and a range of tools and techniques you can use when coaching others or for your own personal development.

Check the product sheet for more details


  1. Ebook – The virtual classroom

This new Virtual Classroom Ebook gives a clear introduction to the opportunities available to you as a professional coach in using a virtual classroom. We explain what a virtual classroom is and help you get started with plenty of tips and tricks that will set you up for success. 

 What is a Virtual Classroom?
This is an interactive digital space that enables learners during a training course to communicate with each other, consult training materials and use interactive tools to participate in educational activities.

What are the advantages?

  • It allows you to work with people regardless of their geographic location
  • Unlike a traditional e-learning course, this is fully interactive and offers the possibility of immediate feedback
  • It encourages social learning, which is a learning mode that includes social interaction like chat, internal social networks within companies, etc

Learn how to set up and run a virtual classroom with this 19 page e-book. We show you how to make the most of this opportunity to coach and train in a new way.

Help unlock new potential and learn how you can deliver coaching and training via this interactive approach.


– Check the product sheet for more details

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