I specialise in coaching efficiency at work


I specialise in coaching efficiency at work

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A crucial pack at unbeatable value

Are you a coach looking to specialise in efficiency at work ?

The Pack includes 2 Kits and 1 Ebook.

  • The Kit : Coaching for performance and development
  • The Kit : Managing high performing team
  • The E-book : Developing inner leadership

Description :

I specialise in coaching efficiency at work

Coaching efficiency

Why is coaching efficiency relevant ?
Today, businesses seek more than just individual skills and expertise; they also prioritise professional effectiveness within teams. Achieving this requires leveraging effective personal development tools familiar to coaches, such as stress and time management, motivation, and public speaking.

The Pack includes 2 Kits and 1 Ebook.


  1. KIT – Manager coach : Coaching for performance and development

This workshop provides a significant return in terms of work climate. In this kit, you will find a complete PowerPoint training programme for training manager-coaches, an accompanying manual, a workbook, and appendices.

During this workshop, participants will learn the latest essential skills and techniques needed to work as an inspirational manager coach. They will participate in several practice sessions and receive feedback from the facilitator to evaluate the impact of their coaching style on others.

This workshop lasts 1 day + a 2-hour “virtual classroom reconnect”. An option is also to convert this 2-hour session into a 3-hour face-to-face session.

You can customise the kit with your own logo and colours. All documents are formatted with space for your own photos or illustrations.

 By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to

  • Use the latest coaching models to structure their coaching conversations and make them more effective.
  • Create a variety of coaching styles to adapt their practice to any situation.
  • Use daily work activities as an opportunity to coach and raise the bar.
  • Applying the skills of ‘instant coaching’.

The kit consists of :

  • A PPT presentation (81 PowerPoint slides for this workshop)
  • The facilitator guide 
  • A Participant Workbook
  • Preparation instructions for the manager coach workshop


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  1. KIT – Managing high performing team

High performing team : A one-day workshop ready for use

As a general output this workshop should be inspirational and worthwhile even for the busiest leaders. By coaching efficiency, the facilitator will expand the participant’s repertoire of leadership skills. The experience will give the participants tools and confidence to adapt their management style to address a broad range of leadership challenges and to target a high performing team work.

Several theoretical models are provided, as well as a wide range of practical exercises to choose from, depending on the group’s objectives and the duration of your presentation.

The documents, in PowerPoint, Word and PDF formats, enable you to run a one-day training course. All the documents are formatted with space for your own photos or illustrations. All you have to do is customise them with your own colours and logo.

The kit consists of:

  1. Ebook – Developing inner leadership

This 136 page Developing Inner Leadership e-book, written by Ralph Lewis, is your essential guide to coaching and will quickly give you a solid grounding in the subject.

The tools within this e-book can be used when coaching others or for their own personal and professional development.

Inner Leadership is about being true to yourself and doing what you need to do because it is right for you. It doesn’t matter to the Inner Leader whether they have followers or not – their own inner vision is what counts for them.

It’s about honouring and respecting yourself without the arrogance of certainty. And if the Inner Leader truly honours and values him or herself, then they will honour and value others as well.


Summary of the e-book :

  • Introduction
  • Inner Leadership: Life as a Whole
  • Telling Your Story 
  • Being Your Best
  • Companions
  • Exercices    

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