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Academic Coaching 

Academic coaching is aimed at all learners from adult learners to school children, college students, high school students and students up to PhD level. It can be used to enable students and learners to better adapt to their academic requirements and master the organization of their time to both study and relax.

As a professional coach, you can use academic coaching to support your clients in understanding how they learn, so you can help them find and implement feasible actions to achieve their learning goals. And as with all coaching, you can then use an action plan to monitor progress as the sessions take place.

The expected results (sometimes in consultation with parents) are therefore concrete and the coaching focus can be working on the practical side of learning so they can get better grades or have greater exam success, through the definition of a study track or life path. However, as the coach, you cannot guarantee the delivery of any results, especially if the learner has any motivational issues or does not invest goodwill and / or the necessary energy required for them to succeed.

It is therefore important to incorporate a level of responsibility, awareness, motivation and self-confidence into the coaching sessions so the learner has more chance of reaching their goals. Academic coaching will then be more successful and used to encourage autonomy and eliminate the need for ongoing assistance to achieve academic success.

The coaching outcomes should ideally be evaluated using a variety of pre-agreed indicators based on their desired goals. This is normally recommended when difficulties (sometimes of a repetitive nature) appear during a school or university course.

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Academic coaching is primarily used to help an individual uncover how they learn and what they want to achieve, then using this insight they can determine what they need to focus on or change. It can also be used to explore any problems they may have organizing the time needed to study or how they prepare for exams and tests. This is especially helpful where any stress, anxiety, demotivation or confidence in their ability has been identified.

This style of coaching can enable learners of all ages to achieve their goals by showing them how to look inside and rely on their own resources. These changes are normally directly linked to learning, however it can also be used to identify any difficulties they have with relationships, motivation and balancing home, school or work life generally.

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Academic Coaching – Support students and learners of any age to identify and understand their own individual learning style and agree a study track or life path for their future success.

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