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MyCoachingToolkit - Natural Talents - Blog image

Coaching Natural Talents

As the world constantly changes, it helps to be aware of any natural talents so we can develop it into strengths we use to succeed in life.

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MyCoachingToolkit - Coaching a Team - Working Together - Blog image

Coaching a team

We look at coaching a team and your role supporting them to develop skills for working together to achieve personal and collective goals.

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MyCoachingToolkit - Strategic Questioning - Blog image

Strategic Questioning

We look at Strategic Questioning and how it helps a professional coach analyze the current situation and understand the desired situation.

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MyCoachingToolkit - Understanding our needs - Blog

Understanding our needs

The key to understanding our needs is to learn how to identify then satisfy needs, so it happens automatically in the shadows, while you live your life.

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MyCoachingToolkit - Coaching Young People - Blog

Coaching Young People

In this blog we look at coaching young people through adolescence and how it can result in a turbulent time for the people around them too.

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