My coaching dashboard

my coaching dashboard

Why use a coaching dashboard?

What are the advantages of using a coaching dashboard?

Because a coaching dashboard allows you to fully monitor your sessions and, as a coach, to set objectives for your own practice in order to progress in your profession. This is something we often forget to do, and the result is that we end up “going round in circles”.

For junior coaches starting out as individual coaches

The first few sessions can sometimes raise questions:

  • What’s going to happen?
  • What do I need to prepare?
  • How and where should I start?
  • What coaching strategy will I adopt?
  • What will I suggest during the session?
  • What tools will I use?
  • I don’t feel comfortable with a client.  What does that mean?
  • What is the most important subject to discuss with my supervisor?

For senior coaches who already offer strategic sessions and have developed their own style

They can ask themselves :

  • How does what I do really help my client?
  • How do I maintain a systemic vision of all the parameters relating to the coaching objectives?
  • What good practices and intervention strategies will I consciously deploy during my coaching sessions?
  • Which tools do I want to use?
  • Where are my blind spots and how am I going to work on them in supervision?

What are the objectives of a coaching dashboard? 

  • Feel more comfortable and legitimate in your practice
  • Become aware of your unique style and clarify it
  • List the tools you use
  • Supervise yourself by setting your own session objectives
  • Be able to explain the different stages of coaching and the tools used clearly and quickly to a client or representative of company requesting coaching.

The dashboard, a summary of the coach’s inner world  

It enables the coach to ask themselves what they need to be particularly vigilant about during their sessions. The coach can also ask themselves what remains when they have “learned everything” from coaching and have achieved unconscious competence. This is a simple and practical tool to use in discussions with supervisors and makes it less “frightening” for beginners.

To discover what a dashboard is and to help you create your own, check out the kit in the shop: “My coaching dashboard”.


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