Grow your coaching business in 2022

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Grow your coaching business in 2022 

As we look back and reflect on this year, it’s important to understand how we can continue to adapt our approach to working in the new normal. And now feels like the right time to prepare ourselves as we look ahead and grow our coaching businesses in 2022.

But understanding how we can survive in this difficult economic market will be key to delivering long term success, especially when meeting clients face to face may still not be an option for some people. So here are some ideas from the team at MyCoachingToolkit on how you can stand out and grow your coaching business in 2022, so you are ready to attract new clients, win new opportunities and maximize your potential profits.


Tell a compelling story about results

Many coaches are now turning to social media to talk about their unique coaching style and try to stand out in an ever competitive market. But the ones we see succeeding are the ones who talk about how they have helped to support the people they work with to go from where they are now, to where they want to be.

If your new client has a critical problem, talk to them about when it needs to be solved. This helps you work out how much time you need to allocate to supporting them in taking a step back and exploring the journey they will be going on with you. They can then review the current situation or start to work through a range of different coaching options or ideas.

Tip: Results do speak for themselves, however giving the results a platform and amplifying that story via your socials will help raise your profile and show that you are the coach that can really help deliver lasting change.


Be specific about who you are helping

Every coach likes to think they offer a specific coaching service, but tend to badge themselves under a very generic title like ‘Life Coach’ when talking about what they do. So if you would like to maximize the opportunities available to you, take a quick look at how you talk about the services you offer. Then think about the type of coaching you have had success in or personally find most rewarding.

Maybe you can focus on talking to working parents who find it difficult to prioritize their week. We know they can be time poor and you can help them identify any less important tasks that do not need their full or immediate attention. The benefit you can deliver to them is in helping them to focus on the real priorities, so they get valuable time back to spend with their children.

Tip: Target a number of smaller niche markets and talk to individuals or look for groups who need that very specific service you can deliver or support them with.


Ideas for generating new leads:

  • Build your network of decision-makers so you can attract more opportunities
  • Proactively promote your services on social media to build reputation and influence
  • Get interview or meeting ready so you can talk confidently about your work and achievements
  • Create a range of case studies to showcase your skills and experience
  • Explore the range of coaching tools available and the ones that deliver results

Further reading:

Winning new business is a numbers game, so we do all need to generate long lists of potential clients and get on the phone or start sending out introduction emails. And now is a great time to reach out to your existing contacts and wish them well for the festive season or prepare that all-important Happy New Year message.

However, getting success in winning new coaching clients will also be the result of having a detailed conversation that looks at results. So have a quick think about how you can grow your coaching business in 2022 and who you could be having a conversation with. Then update your socials to keep your employment status up to date on professional sites like LinkedIn as it can really help to keep you front of mind.

To help in these conversations, we have created a new kit for promoting your coaching business with pictures and know a picture can tell a thousand words, so this is an essential tool for anybody wanting to grow their business and promote the personal and professional coaching services they provide.

The slides can be used to run through your full range of coaching services when talking to potential clients and could also be used at drop-in sessions or open-door events at your office, showcase or networking events and trade fairs. You can also print out some or all of the slides and use them to focus on specific areas of personal and professional coaching or help generate those all-important discussions.

Check out this exclusive kit in our online shop:

Kit – Promoting your coaching business with images – A simple yet effective kit to help grow your business and promote the personal and professional coaching services you provide. You can fully customize the presentation to include your logo and any images or specific colors you prefer to use when promoting your coaching business.


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