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Live a positive life 

At a young age, we learn to understand the difference between positive and negative. We then use this notion when asked if we feel we are living a good or positive life. So, depending on your natural mindset and the things you use to measure success, you may sometimes feel you are not living the life you really want. But this may simply be because you have an imbalance in one area of your life or you do not have full control over the things you are using to measure your success or happiness.

If you measure your success by how much money you have, your possessions, your job or your success compared to other people, you may benefit from switching your focus away from these material things, as they may be out of your control. And instead, try looking for happiness and positivity within yourself, or measure success in a range of different ways so you have a much more balanced view of the contribution you are really making to the world.


Helping your clients rethink and rebalance

And this is just the same for your clients, so if you find yourself working with a client who is looking to friends and family for their happiness, or turn to habits like shopping to make themselves feel better when they are lacking energy or feeling negative, it’s time to help them rethink and rebalance. And see if you can show them how to do some simple things like improving their work-life balance or allocate more time to really focus on the things they love, so they can free themselves from activities or people that drain their energy.

Doing other simple things like following a healthy lifestyle will always help them ensure they have the energy needed to overcome any stressful or negative situations, so it is important to suggest they take some exercise, use meditation and mindfulness, get plenty of sleep, stay hydrated and eat a balanced diet.

But these are just the building blocks that provide both you and your clients with a solid foundation and will only ever be part of the answer. The key is to work out how to quickly spot when any negative feelings start to creep their way back in so you know how to address where these feelings of negativity are coming from. Taking a quick look at different areas of your life to see where you have any imbalance will help provide you with the quick insight needed to start making changes. And checking your natural mindset to see if you can learn to live a more positive life will help and is another powerful tool you can use long-term to really reset how things make you feel.

So, take some time out to review different areas of your life and see if you can find any imbalance. This will help you fully your clients to do the same so they can learn how to live a positive life and focus their energy on doing the things that really bring them joy.


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