I specialise in team coaching


I specialise in team coaching

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If you’re a coach experienced in guiding managers or executives, encourage them to extend their coaching prowess to their teams with our “Coaching teams to develop your business” pack.

The pack includes :

  • The virtual card game : Coaching a team
  • The Kit : Train and lead – 7 tools for team coaching
  • The Kit : Managing high performing team
  • The E-book : Coaching a team

Description :

I specialise in team coaching

Specialise in team coaching and guide teams in …

  • … Cultivating members’ personalities, skills, motivation, sense of responsibility, personal commitment, and collective enjoyment.
  • … Enhancing team efficiency, cohesion, and added value.
  • … Elevating member satisfaction and motivation.
  • … Fostering improved interactions within the team and with its internal and external surroundings.


The team coaching methodology involves two synergistic interventions:

  1. Upstream Team Coaching: Initiated with individual interviews to grasp the expectations and personal objectives of each team member (both manager and team).
  2. This is followed by group interviews or a team-building seminar to identify common objectives. Regular or non-operational work meetings are supervised to establish a shared team vision, an action plan, meeting debriefings, and action plan follow-ups.


With the pack “I specialise in team coaching”, you receive

  • 2 comprehensive kits
  • 1 E-book
  • 1 virtual card game


1. KIT- Train and lead – 7 tools for team coaching


This kit has everything you need to facilitate and run a co-development workshop, designed to bring a small group of people together to discuss issues they would like to share and explore.

7 tools :

-Brainstorm = 1 worksheet
– Dazibaos  = 5 worksheets
– Demonstration = 1 worksheet
– How to eat an elephant = 1 worksheet
– Storytelling = 1 worksheet
– SWOT analysis = 1 worksheet
– Temperature check = 1 worksheet

The Kit includes : 
  • 2 PP Presentations
  • Facilitator guide for the coach
  • A guide for the group

Check the product sheet for more details.


2. KIT- Managing high performing team


A one-day workshop ready for use

As a general output the programme “managing a high performing team” should be inspirational and worthwhile even for the busiest leaders. It will expand the participant’s repertoire of leadership skills. The experience will give the participants tools and confidence to adapt their management style to address a broad range of leadership challenges and to target a high performing team work.

The Kit includes : 
  • A PPT presentation
  • A facilitator guide
  • A prework document for participants

Check the product sheet for more details.


3. Virtual card-game – Coaching a team


A game to specialise in team coaching, for successful cohesion and performance

Use this practical online tool when coaching a team to help them achieve their strategic goals in a creative way. And then by asking the right questions, the game supports their self-development and an introspective review that helps them drive personal and group change. This game is one of our exclusive resources designed to help when coaching teams, so you can grow your coaching business, develop your skills and succeed as a professional coach.


This virtual card game consists of 52 cards:

12 Illustrated Goal cards
40 Question Cards divided into 4 themes to help a team achieve its strategic goals:
    • Current situation – 9 cards
    • Desired situation – 9 cards
    • Ability and Options – 13 cards
    • Action plan – 9 cards

Please note: You will require an internet connection to access this virtual card game. It will work on your mobile, tablet or computer when online, however it cannot be downloaded, saved or printed. You will need to log in using your secure password to access the game, once your payment has been received.

Check the product sheet for more details.


4. E-book – Coaching a team


This 10 page team coaching e-book gathers together the essential background information and tools needed for you to run coaching sessions with teams and deflect conflict.
This ebook will help you unlock true potential within a team, because you will be working with a group who already know each other.

Check the product sheet for more details.


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