Enabling young people to play an active role for their studies and careers by making informed choices

Student Career Coaching

Student Career Coaching : Enabling young people to play an active role in their studies and careers by making informed choices


How can Student Career Coaching be a key in building a future adult life ? Whether students are in their final years of high school or already in post-secondary education and looking to change programmes, as the school year moves closer to the end, it is time for many young people to make pivotal choices and decisions for the next steps in their education.

How to prevent this period full of difficult questions and complex choices from turning into one of existential anguish and a source of conflict between students and their parents?

Coaches are regularly called upon to address these issues so let’s look at what they can offer.

What exactly is Student Career Coaching for 15-25 year-olds?


Of course, the coach’s role will be to encourage the young person to question themselves about:

·       qualities: “What qualities do people generally recognise in you? What qualities have you put into practice today…?

·       skills: “What do you do easily? How do you do it? What drives you to do it?

·       values: “What is fundamental to you, that would make you unhappy if you couldn’t respect it?

·       working methods: “Are you organised, autonomous, do you need to start with practice or theory…?

The coach guides the young person to imagine its future adult life.


·      What are your dreams, your motivations? “Do you want to earn money, be a specialist, travel, lead, have a balanced lifestyle, be independent, devote yourself to a cause, take on challenges …?” 

·      What does “success” mean? Does “success” have the same meaning for you, your family, your teachers, your friends…?

This will enable them to draw up a list of jobs or professions that could be suitable for them and thereby facilitate the choice of studies.

The coach will also encourage the young person to become proactive and autonomous in the research they do and hold them accountable for it.


How will they go about finding information on the professions / jobs they are interested in?  It is essential for them to compare their desires or ideals of what a job is with reality?

What plan (A, B, C…) will they draw up for their choice of studies?

Although it is largely based on questioning, student career coaching for young people does have specificities which require the coach to be well-equipped.

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