Why is an annual review important?

annual review

An annual review allows us to take a step back and analyze what we’ve done and what we haven’t as well as  to take stock of the rewards and lessons learned.

In the professional world, annual appraisal interviews enable managers to take the time to talk with their team and set objectives for the coming year, in order to help their team members develop and boost performance. It’s also a time for employees to take stock of what they have done and to ask for the training they need to move forward.

Why is an annual review important?

It allows you to :

– See what has been achieved

– Take stock of what has not been achieved and why

– adjust the objectives we have set ourselves

– Make a list of the appropriate means to achieve them

– Consider obstacles 

How to carry out an annual review

1) Plan an appointment

To do your annual review properly, it’s important to schedule and plan it. By allocating a dedicated time slot, you’ll be able to work on yourself and your future in peace and quiet, with no distractions or disturbances in the office or at home.

2) Base the review on your objectives and analysis of the progress you’ve made towards each one.

Review the goals you set yourself and take stock of how far you have progressed and/or what you have achieved. Which ones have you achieved? Exceeded? Partially achieved? Not achieved?

3) List the year’s major events in chronological order

This can be represented graphically. For example, draw a timeline and plot the events of the year.

4) Analyze mistakes and areas for improvement

Based on what didn’t work, it’s constructive to understand why and to think about what you can do to improve and do better the following year.

5) List the important encounters and people who have marked your year

Life is marked by encounters, and relationships are an essential component of our journey. Who impacted your year? What relationships would you like to maintain and strengthen? On the contrary, which people are draining you or pulling you down?

6) Take stock of the skills you’ve acquired…

Learning and progressing are excellent ways to develop and strengthen your self-esteem. What’s more, whatever your field of activity, if you want to succeed you need to maintain and develop your skills. What skills have you developed this year?

7) and difficulties

Think back to the difficulties you encountered and how you overcame them. Maybe you haven’t had any, but if you have, it’s important to look at them in a different light. In fact, taking stock of your year allows you to take a neutral look at what happened, without getting emotional. The past is gone – what lessons can we learn from that? What seemed like a major difficulty, once overcome, no longer intimidates us in the same way, so it is easier to analyze the learnings.

8) Value your successes

Your successes and learning are victories. Celebrate them!

How do you prepare for the year ahead ?

To know where you’re going, it’s important to know where you have come from. This is why an annual review is so important. Formal or informal, exhaustive, or not, the aim is for it to be relevant and, above all, useful to you. It will help you prepare for the coming year.

This is the time to set goals for the coming year in the areas that are important to you:

– Professional (your job, your career…)

– Relationships  (your networks, colleagues, friends…)

– Family (your spouse, your children, your parents…)

– Financial (your income, savings, budgets…)

– Physical and well-being (sport, diet, sleep, stress…)

– Intellectual, cultural, reading, artistic activities

– Leisure, travel, hobbies…

– Spiritual

In each area, set yourself a goal and write it down in a notebook. List when and how you intend to achieve them, because we all know that after a month, you’ll have forgotten your good resolutions.

To help you make the most of your annual review, Outils du coach offers you a practical tool: ‘Review of the year’

To all our readers, we wish you a wonderful year 2024, full of achieved goals.

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