Breaking unproductive behavior patterns

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Breaking unproductive behavior patterns 

As a professional coach, your clients may ask you to support them to review their beliefs, misconceptions or unproductive behavior patterns. If they do, you will have a real opportunity to help them create the substantial, long-lasting transformation or life changes they are looking for. However to be truly successful, you will need to really challenge, encourage and support them every step of the way, and guide them to really achieve their full potential.

During your initial coaching sessions with a new client, you would normally focus on the current state and future state to help them identify and clarify their goals, however in some cases we all too often see them slowly slip back into their old habits and behavior patterns, and this can be very frustrating for you both.

So for these clients, it is also important to work with them to explore their values and beliefs, if they are asking for your help to make lasting changes in their lives or specifically to their behavior. The main issue will be that many of us have never really thought about our values or beliefs, because they are normally written into the story of our lives long ago, without us even knowing it was happening. Yet our values and beliefs tell us what to do, what to fear, what to want and what to hate.

This is because we are like sponges as children and pick up the many limiting beliefs held by our parents, teachers or other authoritative figures. By helping your clients explore who they are and what they think by identifying any limiting beliefs, you will put them on the first step of a journey towards lasting change. And by looking inside themselves, they will start to learn to understand why some things in life really bother them and other things really don’t.

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Learning to listen to what our inner voice is telling us, will unlock many of those life scripts that were established when we were children and still guide our habits and behavior patterns, plus how we think, feel and act. Plus, not all of our beliefs or life scripts are negative and not all of our inner voices are telling us we will fail.

So, if you or one of your clients is looking for help to understand or break their existing habits and bahavior patterns, or wants to start the process of developing positive beliefs or life scripts, talk to them about their past, explore what motivates them and use a simple coaching tool to uncover their own very personal set of values and beliefs. It can be truly enlightening, help them achieve life goals, build respect for themselves or others and provides the motivation needed to go on and make lasting changes or learn new life skills.

If you would like to learn how to support your clients uncover their values and beliefs, or maybe explore their habits and behaviors, check out these essential ebooks and exclusive step-by-step guides you can use in your coaching sessions:

  • Coaching Beliefs – Help identify and review personal beliefs and focus on any that can be holding your clients back
  • Coaching Values – Help identify personal and professional values and agree clear goals

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