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Convert new leads into clients 

Understanding how to adapt so you can survive in this difficult economic market and if possible grow your coaching business will be key to your long term success, especially when meeting clients face to face is still not an option.

But many people struggle to find new business or convert new leads into clients, so here are a few ideas from the team at MyCoachingToolkit on how you can stand out and grow your coaching business in 2022, so it’s correctly positioned to attract your ideal clients and win new opportunities.


Check your calendar and start talking

You will hopefully have found some time over the festive period to review your client lists and identify who you have not spoken to in a while, who you could be working with or who you would like to support in 2022. But if not, it’s not too late to put the hours in now and make some time to list out any potential clients you would really like to work with and why, as it could just deliver a bunch of new leads or spark some new ideas you can quickly follow up on. Then, depending on how you would normally contact any potential clients, think about how many sales calls you will need to make during January and February so you have a plan for the next few months.

Getting to the conversations that matter

Finding new business leads can be a numbers game, however winning coaching clients will normally be as a direct result of having a conversation. So you need to find time in the next few weeks to focus on finding new people to talk to and convert those conversations into some new clients. And remember, it is important to listen to what the other person is saying so you can adapt your approach to showcase the examples that best fit the type of coaching these new clients may be looking for. As a professional coach, you help people go from where they are now, to where they want to be. So your role to convert new leads into clients, is for them to believe you are the coach that can help them do exactly that.

Some ideas to convert new leads into clients:

  • Build your network of decision-makers –  to attract more opportunities
  • Proactively promote your services on social media – to build reputation and influence
  • Get meeting ready – so you can talk confidently about your work and achievements
  • Create a range of case studies – to showcase your skills and experience

Further reading:

Somebody you already know may be looking ahead to 2022 and looking for help or planning a project that would benefit from your coaching skills. But they may not contact you because you have not been in touch for a while or it’s unclear if you are actively seeking new opportunities right now. So one simple task is to reach out to your existing contacts, wish them a happy new year and keep your employment status up to date on professional networking sites like LinkedIn.

You may also wish to set some time aside to ask yourself some of those strategic questions you would normally ask your clients. Our coaching manual has over 185 questions you can be asking yourself as part of your own personal development so you are ready for your new business calls with any potential clients. Use them to practice how you will clearly articulate who you are, what you do and how you can help these new clients.

The 15 initial key questions within the coaching manual are the ones we feel every professional coach should be asking their clients and themselves, plus the 170 follow up questions so you can get to the detail needed.

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  • Ebook : The Coaching Manual – With 185 questions, fables, worksheets and tools, this comprehensive coaching manual will help you run successful coaching sessions. We have also included an introduction to Neuro Linguistic Programming and Transactional Analysis.

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