Fighting fatigue

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Fighting fatigue 

Feelings of tiredness, anxiety and insomnia are nothing new, however we have seen a significant increase in these types of symptoms as a result of the ongoing global pandemic. So what approach can we take to fully support our clients to explore how they feel and learn the skills needed for fighting fatigue now these feelings have become more pronounced?


Positive Thinking

One area to look at is their ability to think in a positive way and how building a mindset of abundance can be a beneficial approach for them to take. However we know this does not come naturally to everybody and some clients will need specific help to learn how to look at the world in a more positive way. And we have seen how research into different mindsets has shown the way we think about ourselves and the world around us can have a significant impact on the success we have through life. So this may be something you could explore with your clients through a simple coaching tool like running a wheel of life workshop.


Stress Response

It can also be helpful to check if your client is specifically experiencing tiredness and insomnia, as this can be linked to the body releasing adrenaline. It normally does this when it feels like it needs to adapt to a changing environment and some people say they can become addicted to adrenaline, and even though we know a certain degree of adrenaline can be stimulating, excessive amounts can ultimately result in exhaustion and burn-out. So you may want to explore the stress levels of any clients fighting fatigue, see what triggers their stress response and workshop how your client naturally reacts to changes in the world around them.


Taking Back Control

The final area to consider looking at when learning how fighting fatigue can help during the current global pandemic is to explore how much control your client feels they have on the world around them. Especially when we know we have times when we can feel overwhelmed, or simply do not have the knowledge and skills to understand our feelings. By exploring the things they feel are within their control, they can start to take action and regain the control they may have felt was missing. And by listing out anything outside of their control, they can start to let go and walk away from anything they cant change. Understanding what influence your client has over the things that cause them stress or worry, can significantly help when fighting fatigue and learning how to adapt to any changes taking place around them.

Knowing the things they can’t change or influence will help them come to terms with the things they will need to accept, let go off or walk away from. And these are normally the things many clients say cause the most frustration or the highest stress levels. But we would never want fear to control our lives, so it can be really helpful to remember the most important thing we can control, is how we feel about the world around us. So take some time out of your next coaching session to talk about the things your client can do to reduce their risk of any negative impact these feelings could have on them and the people around them.

Further reading:

As a professional coach we have access to a range of different tools that help us review and plan what we would personally do to address or adapt to different situations. However picking the right tool for our clients is key to being a successful coach and can show them how fighting fatigue can help them face difficult situations.

So if you are working with anybody currently feeling overwhelmed by life or the global pandemic, or feels as if nothing is going their way, consider reviewing their stress levels or their natural ability to think in a positive way. Or talk to them about a simple coaching tool like the Circle of Influence as it can help them quickly identify the things within their control or anything they could influence, but more importantly the things that are completely outside of their control. You can check out all of these tools and more in the online shop:

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