Focus on limiting beliefs

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Focus on limiting beliefs 

Our beliefs were written into the story of our lives long ago, without us even knowing, so we may never have understood how limiting beliefs can hold us back without us even knowing it.

As children, we are like sponges and copy what we see and hear, so many of us will pick up any limiting beliefs held by our parents, teachers or other authoritative figures we interact with in our childhood. Helping your clients review their beliefs will help shine a light on any limiting beliefs they may have and will be the first step in a journey towards lasting change.

However, it can be easy for somebody to slip back into their old habits and behaviors if they are not supported on their journey towards lasting change, so working with your clients to identify who they are and what they think, will help them understand why some things in life really bother them and other things don’t.

Showing them how to listen to what their inner voice is telling them, will help them unlock many of those limiting beliefs or life scripts that were established when they were children. They may not yet understand how much these beliefs and life scripts guide how they think, feel and act. Plus, not all of our beliefs or life scripts are negative and not all of our inner voices are telling us we will fail.

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If one of your clients is looking for help to understand or break their existing habits and bahavior, or wants to start the process of developing positive beliefs or life scripts, talk to them about their past, explore what motivates them and use a simple coaching tool like our coaching beliefs ebook to uncover their own personal set of beliefs. It can be truly enlightening for them and will help them achieve life goals, build respect for themselves or others and provides the motivation needed to go on and make lasting changes or learn new life skills.

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Ebook : Coaching Beliefs – Help your clients identify or review their personal beliefs, and focus on any negative beliefs to change the life scripts holding your clients back with this clear introduction to beliefs. It also includes a simple step by step process to use in your coaching sessions.


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