The real cause of your procrastination in marketing


Are you prone to procrastination ? Are you procrastinating on the activities you need to do to attract clients? 

Does procrastination lead to experiencing shame, guilt, and disappointment as a result?

If this is a familiar scenario, you probably regularly beat yourself up for your laziness or lack of willpower and blame yourself for not trying hard enough.

You may have also noticed that making yourself feel bad only provides short-term motivation to act and you end up back at square one after a few days of frantic activity.

This is a road to nowhere as you are not addressing the actual root cause of your procrastination.

In reality, your inability to ‘make yourself’ do marketing / lead generation activities consistently (or at all) has nothing to do with your ‘character flaws’.

It is in fact because you don’t have CLARITY of what you need to do and how.

You may try one marketing approach for a short time, don’t see it bring clients, get disappointed with yourself and drop it.

This makes it harder to muster your resolve to start a new marketing strategy, fearing that the new activities will result in nothing, again.

And on and on and on, the vicious cycle continues.

This is the real source of your procrastination.

The way out is not to strengthen your willpower and resolve – it’s to find CLARITY around which marketing activities will help you attract, nurture and convert clients, consistently.

When you have a reproducible client acquisition system that specifies your activities at each step, you have clarity about what you need to do, how and when.

This in turn makes it more likely that you stick to your marketing activities consistently, bringing in clients as a result.

Breaking down your marketing activities into the 3 steps: attracting, nurturing and converting clients puts them in context, provides clarity and gives you the motivation to commit yourself to doing them consistently.

Having a clear plan leaves the guesswork out, enables commitment and gets rid of procrastination.

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