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Creative Team Coaching 

Many managers are currently looking for creative team coaching ideas or professional help to bring their team together and rebuild some of the team cohesion that may have been lost or forgotten due to the global pandemic. We all know how working remotely has removed many of our opportunities to simply bump into people at the coffee machine or chat as they wait to go into a meeting room, so the only interaction many people have had recently is within formal meetings.

However, with teams slowly returning to the office and coming together face to face again, now is the time to dust off some of the creative team coaching tools and see what help or support you can offer managers.

Points to consider:

  • Approach team coaching through collective motivation and make it fun
  • Try something creative that gets the right side of the brain working
  • The team is a living system with people who want to contribute and excel
  • Gather team commitments and agree an action plan
  • Organize half day coaching sessions to minimize scheduling issues
  • Use benchmarking tools to measure changes in behavior, productivity and teamworking
  • Call out any negative behavior or undelivered actions

In team coaching, your role can be seen as a catalyst for change and collective awareness within the group. So by guiding the team towards more ambitious results, they will normally progress towards greater performance and positive outcomes. However, it is important to learn how to successfully challenge the team, without imposing your desires or agenda, and without pushing or pulling them.

Are you new to team coaching?

If you would like to move into this area of coaching and work with managers or their teams, you will need to first do some work on the practical side of things and generate new leads. Then convert them into a sale by talking about how your skills and experience can help achieve the outcomes needed to come together and succeed as a group.

The key to being successful in this area is to quickly build confidence and maybe stand out by highlighting a fresh approach you could bring to team coaching. This can be built on your background or life experiences and the different types of developmental tools you plan to use like our new kit that has 5 creative team coaching ideas.

Ultimately, anybody you approach needs to believe you are the coach that can help them unlock their potential as a leader and the potential of their team. So here are some ideas to help you generate some new leads:

  • Build your network of managers, leaders and decision-makers so you can find new opportunities
  • Proactively engage in team coaching discussions on social media to build your reputation and influence
  • Get meeting ready so you can talk confidently about your skills, experience and any fresh approach or new coaching tools you plan to use
  • Create a range of case studies to showcase your previous work and achievements

Check out our new kit and use the creative team coaching ideas in your coaching sessions:

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